Welcome to PJACS. The Peace Justice Action Collective of Spokane. This is a Fake Group or this is Fake News about a non profit that does not exist but then maybe it does. So hard to distinguish what’s real or which victimology group one should choose when angry. Indivisible comes to mind.

No matter though, because “Intersectionality” (video) can make you a media rock star. So if you are angry, sad , frustrated, confused or depressed call Mental Health or just look for a Social Justice organization and wear an adult themed body part cap while expressing your grief with crayons on posters. Very therapeutic for some. Of course if you work for a living you might not have enough time to do so. But be assured that white upper middle class educated activists understand your pain.

Most likely the common thread for dissatisfaction is the oppression on women by the Patriarchy. The majority of colleges bear this out as Gospel. SPI supports the Patriarchy with the same pride exhibited in the Founding Fathers even those that wore questionable wigs. At least they weren’t blue.

Well enjoy the posters. You can safe-zone safely read them in front of children, even those coerced to go to a Protest about adult themes.

SPI supports rugged individualist women who love an America with a common language, protected borders and our great “melting pot” culture. Women who are fun, happy and love their Cowboy, if he’s a Cowboy.



The 4 men in the Spokane Men’s Movement, 2 gone who are out fishing so they don’t count, so really 2, said the song below would be good at capturing their feelings. So hear their pain.