This is a list of Spokane area Social Justice organizations and other entities that would most likely be defined as Progressive. That doesn’t make them all bad or necessarily extremist but if you enjoy being Politically Correct and love Big Government contact them. If you think Big Government Sucks and love not being controlled by activist agendas then you might want to take a look at their vision statements and examine their belief systems. The saying, “Think Globally Act Locally” didn’t come from the founders of this great nation. (They were tired of that kind of sh** and the King.) It comes from Collectivism. This is all about ideas and narratives to guide the public outcome which is not much different than guiding a classroom to an acceptable behavior.

The Social Justice Idea

Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need. “Really, who’s going to pay for government workers to open doors for you? Your parents? The Wizard of OZ?”

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Most of these “folks involved” would consider themselves as Liberal or Progressive. They are simply Activists. Some of these groups honestly do some very nice things for people who are genuinely oppressed or need legal access but they are the first ones to crow about their wonderful achievements and freely embellish themselves as true advocates of a noble agenda. Kind of religious like.

Never Hate, just Educate

There are so many Social Justice groups involved in the Spokane area that this is really only a sample because they mutate and Intersect so you constantly get new organizations. Many qualify as non-profit and are connected to national Alt-Left movements which makes it easier to gain local press coverage.

PJALS coordinates a protest march against Israel Summer 2014

You can almost time an event when you see a national headline or a regional interest story. It’s as if the Press has a stake in this too. It’s a war of narratives.

Example: “Climate Change” needs someone to stop the burning of coal. Out comes the Spokane Raging Grannies to block the coal trains. The local media gives them Press coverage. Poor little old concerned grandmothers want to save the earth from the Capitalists.

Example: “Israel defends itself from Hamas.” The Peace Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) marches downtown and accuses Israel of War Crimes on blocked off streets during an all American Classic Car Show in 2014.

BDS stands for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. It is Economic Warfare against the Jewish State in the Middle East. It has made college campuses a living nightmare for many Christians and Jews.

It’s kind of like Spokane keeps getting spider bites but from basically the same spider.


Spokane Area

If the Conservatives had this many groups in Spokane the Southern Poverty Law Center would have boots on the ground to investigate why all the hatred since Conservatives are called Haters by many in these movements.

Center for Justice

Community Building

PJALS, Peace Justice Action League of Spokane (BDS supporters)

Spokane Veterans for Peace (BDS supporters)

Inland Northwest BDS Facebook

Spokane Committee for Palestine (BDS supporter)


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What is BDS?

Spokane Pro Israel logo
Press the two SPI links on “BDS”

Fighting Campus BDS

Here are some more Progressive groups below. This doesn’t mean that they necessarily support the Economic Warfare against Israel but many have worked with PJALS on Social Justice Agendas.

Actually Spokane Progress .Org gives a list of contacts.

Greater Spokane Progress is a “non-partisan” collaboration of community-based organizations and leaders in the Greater Spokane area. We have 30 organizational members of Greater Spokane Progress that work on a range of important issues facing this region. Take a moment to learn more about their work in our community.

 2017 From the Private Parts of the Women’s march on Washington comes the top down Indivisible Movement See our Indivisible Protesters page

Spokane Indivisible Facebook (National Alt-Left Movement)

Indivisible Guide (The Plan Book)

Indivisible WA (Statewide Resisting Trump Agenda)

We want our members of Congress (Senators Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and Representative Denny Heck) to hear our voices and to work on our behalf

Indivisible Guide.Com (The Plan Book)

Resistance Manual by Stay Woke encourages Indivisible

WA0310 Spokane Area NOW 

Together for Washington

This is a statewide site listing all the Alt-Left organizations and upcoming events including PJALS

YALP, Young Activist Leaders Program

Envision Spokane or parent group CELDF

350 Spokane led by international site 350.Org

Envision Workers Rights

Spokane Bioneers

The Bearing Project -Spokane City park Anti-War statue

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Spokane Raging Grannies BDS

Truth Scout (BDS Supporter)

Spokane for Bernie Sanders

Spokane Favs

Tenants Union

Washington Yell / Spokane

Spokane Watch

Eastern Washington Voters

Spokane county Democrats

Back Bone Campaign

Spokane Coalition of Reason

Spokane Coalition Builders 

Occupy Spokane

Dump Cathy McMorris Rodgers Facebook

Unitarian Universalist Church BDS

Quakers BDS

Presbyterian Church BDS

United church of Christ BDS

Spokane Friends BDS

One Peace Many Paths . Org

Rachel Corrie

Spokane Alliance

Spokane to Amend the Constitution (SMAC)

Direct Action Spokane Man made Global Warming

Coal Free Spokane

PFLAG Spokane

Odyssey Youth Movement

Spokanes Pride

 Spokane Rising Tide  Related to Moscow Idaho’s Wild Idaho Rising and Rising Tide North America

Spokane Socialist Alternative Branch

Spokane National Organization for Women NOW

Spokane Feminist Forum Facebook

Resist Spokane

Code Pink in Spokane BDS

Liberal Spokane

Activist in Residence EWU

Outside Media

Fig Tree News

Inlander Newspaper

KYRS Community Radio

City of Spokane Human Rights Commission

Inland Northwest Leadership


Spokane Watch

Eastern Washington Voters

Eastern Washington Politics

The Lands Council

Some State Wide organizations

It would take forever to list all these just in Washington State but everything State wide has a connection to the locals and then of course they are tied to National movements and even international as the case for the BDS Movement.

Social Justice Fund

Washington State Democrats

Smart Justice Washington

SEIU Washington Organizations and Links Directory

Seattle area organizations, groups, media, & information

Washington Coalition to Amend the Constitution (WAmend)

CAIR Now very active in Spokane

Catalytic Community Directory of local and state-wide progressive organizations.

Nearby Idaho (haven’t looked them up)

NWCHR Moscow, Idaho

National Groups

Social Justice Organizations

The very best site to trace National Movements is Discover the Networks

Discover the Networks