First of all, it’s hard to differentiate between this movement and the highly organized Women’s March. They sound like and are pretty much the same old Social Justice dribble. The Alt-Left mostly describes these whine-ins as spontaneous. The motivation usually starts with a personal story about being fearful or feeling hopeless, devastated that Trump was elected. Kind of like what half of our country has felt for the last 8 years or longer with Obama. People have the right to protest and of course be arrested when it becomes violent no matter which side of the political spectrum.

Start with the article below for a quick summary from a normal Pro Israel source. Enclosed are links to the Indivisible Movement so you the reader can see for yourself what the underlying beliefs are that motivate Progressives activists to disrupt our country. No, they are not “ALL” Anarchists but you will see Anarchists in many of these co-joined organizations.


The Left’s “Indivisible Team” gathers to wage rebellion and disruption. (A Conservative site)

this photo is a spoof on the Women’s March by People’s Cube.Com

Indivisible and Indivisible Guide: Road-map for the Romper Room Revolution

Indivisible Guide tells its cult followers how to disrupt events by using trickery, deception and under-handed tactics such as:

 Indivisible and the Women’s March on Washington

SPI Presents the Indivisible Anti-Trump Movement. Social Justice Sociopathology.

 Politics & Polls #26: “Indivisible” Featuring Ezra Levin & Angel Padilla Soundcloud 41 min.

These are the “Indivisible” Websites and Clones. It is the Progressive Collective Answer to the old Tea Party and it’s initial successes. If you are a Conservative or Classic Liberal these links will be quite revealing. You have to start with the “Plan” to get the grasp of this twisted movement which is the “Indivisible Guide”. Read it or listen to it. It libels and accuses the Trump Administration immediately, no grace period, and gives the strategy to destroy Conservatives. They make it personal and prey on feelings because the Alt-Left uses emotionally led narratives and guilt as weapons. Frothing comes to mind.

Indivisible Guide. Com

Indivisible Guide Audio Book (Listen)

NPR Indivisible Radio Podcasts also carried on Spokane Public Radio

Spokane Indivisible .Org

Spokane Indivisible Facebook

Indivisible Washington

Resist Spokane on Meetup

Invitation 2 Action .Blog



Resistance Summer


Activist Meetings are called “Huddles”

Gonzaga Action Huddle ActionNetwork.Org

South Hill Huddle ActionNetwork.Org

Spokane Valley Huddle ActionNetwork.Org

FIND A HUDDLE SmallGroupNetwork.Com


Next Up Huddles are part of the 10 Actions for the First 100 Days campaign, which launched at the Women’s March, and will mobilize millions to win back the country and world we want.


Indivisible Chapters are encouraged to attach themselves to established organizations with the same beliefs or close to them. It’s classic Intersectionality

How Intersectionality Makes You Stupid TabletMag.Com

Where’s Cathy Facebook

Indivisible Palouse Facebook

Resist: Coeur D Alene on Meetup

Invisible North Idaho .Com

Washington Resistance Manual .Org Gives info on Events, Links, Issues, Groups

Together for WA .Org will get you to local events

FUSE Washington .Org also see link above

Indivisible is aggressively organized and disruptive


Local Articles and videos

Manufactured outrage at Congressional town halls restricts constructive dialogue Spokesman.Com

LA RESISTANCE Inlander.Com ,Promotes PJALS

Spokane Indivisible Group Forming Invitation2Action.Blog

Protesters in Spokane denounce Trump immigration orders Spokesman Review

30 photos from Sunday’s Spokane protest of Trump’s executive orders against refugees Inlander.Com

PJALS conference to feature 21 workshops…..SpokaneFavs.Com

Protests against Trump’s policies continue in Spokane County KXLY

GOP Rep McMorris-Rodgers booed from MLK Day Stage-Video link in diary DailyKos.Com

Shawn Vestal: Cathy McMorris Rodgers and GOP ‘snowflakes’ shouldn’t confuse dissent with violence Spokesman Review

Sue Lani Madsen: We need more dialogue, less fear Spokesman Review writer meets Spokane Indivisible

Local Indivisible Movement demands Rep. Newhouse’s attention in Richland WA, KHQ6 News

Moscow residents tell Idaho congressmen ‘do your job’  Spokesman Review

Some National Headlines

Feminists Sending Trump Giant Vagina Stuffed With Letters From ‘Concerned Women’ TruthRevolt.Org


7 Things You Need To Know About The Healthcare Town Hall Protesters DailyWire.Com

Rohrabacher Outraged by Assault on his District Director by ‘Indivisible’ Mob Rohrabacher.House.Gov

Gohmert refuses calls for town hall meetings Tyler Morning Telegraph

Liberals: Hey, Let’s Form Our Own Tea Party To Fight Trump TownHall .Com

‘Indivisible,’ With Ties to George Soros, Sows Division Against Trump, GOP Lawmakers DailySignal.Com

Inside the group behind the anti-Trump protest movement Video CBS deflects Soros connection

Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington NYPost

Why Progressives Can’t Have a Tea Party DemocracyJournal.Org

GOP finds fix for chaotic town halls: Don’t hold them The Washington Post

Sand: Women’s March Madness TruthRevolt.Org

George Soros-aligned group weighs funding anti-Trump activists USA Today

Play (2/23) 4pm Soros Backed Groups Organize To Disrupt Trump’s Agenda LA Radio station

Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-trump Resistance Movement TheNation.Com Progressive site that lists the New Movements by name and links

“Indivisible” Movement Joins NOW – Focuses on Congress To “Resist The Trump Agenda” WolfeNotes.Com

Because “It’s Now or Never,” Indivisible Resistance to Trump Gains Steam CommonDreams.Org

Ready to Fight: Emergency Call with, Indivisible, and Working Families Party MoveOn.Org with a “Ready to Resist emergency recording.

ACLU Leading Resistance Movement Against Trump, Launches Nationwide Protest Training TruthRevolt.Org

Definition of fascism Merriam-Webster
often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge>

Seems we already had a dose of Fascism for the last 8 years or longer. Americans don’t respect either party and especially status quo politicians. Indivisible is a new tactic for the Democratic Party who are really smacking the clueless Republicans. It ain’t about Trump or Misogyny. If that were the case Bill Clinton would be in jail, where most of the Senate belongs for the twenty trillion dollar national debt. 

If you can’t quite grasp this Indivisible nonsense the video below might help. For Comedy relief see PJACS-Quacks on the top menu. It’s time for a Men’s Movement. But of course that’s a sexist idea. 

Some Indivisible groups are pretty hostile. Most locally consist of old white women and indoctrinated college kids. The Tea Party may have done a few whacky things but at least they didn’t talk about their feelings and choreograph disruption at town halls.

Whacky is normal in Indivisible. They should hold signs saying “No more Fun!” “Shame on You. Indivisible.”

Louie Gohmert is on to Indivisible and Cathy McMorris Rodgers has had a gaggle after her for some time. Suspiciously Nazi Scum was written on the Spokane Republican Headquarters the same day where idiots declared on the streets that “this is what Democracy looks like”.