“BDS” Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against Israel, has successfully brought the Economic Social Justice War against Israel to the college campus. They own the narrative. They have Intersected successfully with a menu of other Social Justice Agendas . Students should never have to put up with such nonsense and hatred.

There are ways to fight back and even hold the institution you are paying accountable for a hostile environment. Hopefully these videos and links will give you some ideas and skills to fight back. You are not alone. The general public has grown tired of political correctness and now is the time to fight back for  students, alumni, and parents.

It is unfortunate that many college teachers support BDS and even promote it. This hostility towards Jews should be challenged.


We are academics -– university faculty members, administrators, researchers, librarians and other staff — who support the Jewish and democratic State of Israel and favor a negotiated solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. We hold a wide range of political views — left, right, and center. We want to bring to our colleagues and our students a better understanding of the complex realities of the Middle East with special focus on Israel. We also want to advise, mentor and support student groups on our campuses who share our goals and perspectives.

Here are some useful links to groups or organizations that can help you.

Stand With Us

Christians United for Israel

College Insurrection

Stop the Jew Hatred on Campus

Students Supporting Israel

Israel on Campus Coalition

Israel Action Network

The David Project

BDS Cookbook

The Fire .Org

Campus Reform .Org

Young America’s Foundation


Many great people have had enough and are fighting back