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Spokane Pro Israel supports America and Israel. Plain and simple.

SPI works with others to expose a hate virus. Antisemitism could not flourish if it were not for political correctness. The BDS Movement uses Social Justice Intersectionality to achieve it’s goal of eliminating Israel.

1803 W 5th Spokane

The Boycott Sanctions and Divestment Movement against Israel has infected Spokane and is hiding in local Social Justice Intersectionality.


SPI exposes this lunacy in an upside down world and not without a little agitation. The Regressive Left has provided a host of comical characters who are ripe for ridicule in the War of Insane Narratives. The Indivisible Movement being the latest greatest hoax to divide this nation. Study their Indivisible Guide. In all these groups many of the same feel good words are used over and over. Common Good, Sustainable, Collective, the People, Gender Expression, Oppression, War, Privilege, Climate Change, etc. See Social Justice Terminology.

SPI encourages you to fight back locally without Hate. Use your common sense and some humor. Be confident. 

SJW‘s can be emotionally rabid, aggressive, and dangerous based on TV reports or video taped riots. America’s version of Antifa uses the same narratives that most Social Justice groups use except they preach violence. Many young people lured into these movements don’t even know anything about the national organizations behind the mindless narratives.

Our best weapon is to defend free speech by simply using it. But you do have to study the dialectic that has weaponized words for social change. Most likely the social change you won’t want to live under.

The public is just now learning about these “disrupter-conformers” at protests across the country and locally as well.

Don’t reply with the same hatred that these activists pretend they don’t exhibit.

Social Justice Activism runs like a religious Cult. In it are many Intersectional believers, some very innocent, who join based on emotional narratives or indoctrination from Progressive college professors in the liberal arts. Unfortunately public schools are getting a dose of it and in Canada there are Social Justice Tribunals where many accused offenders have found themselves in a terrible position, like Jordan Peterson. See his videos.

Keep your distance if you are filming them. The local SJW’s in Spokane have for the most part been peaceful but SPI agents have seen them turn ugly very quickly. Don’t be fooled these are not nice people. Don’t let them suck you into a discussion that they can control. The leaders are always training in classes and seminars to reaffirm their visions of a collectivist Utopia.

 SJW vids are hotter than kittens on Youtube and no one likes them. Go to Social Media and expose their hypocrisy. Leak it to News Sources outside Spokane to get coverage. Simply use their words.

God there are worse things than being called a Xenophobe or whatever kindergarten saying these collectivists can come up with to stifle free speech especially on college campuses.

Have some fun with this. Use your creativity. Never be violent or destructive or hang with those who are. Violence is not the answer. They will be judged by their actions and their hateful words. Go out and record them. Spokane people need to know and so does America.


This site is full of videos that you don’t necessarily need to watch as many are there for you to listen to while you’re fidgeting with other distractions. You will find them fulfilling if you are a true seeker. We try to find speakers who are on the cultural edge of a society that could very well fail and go into the stinky ashtray of history. Let’s hope that people return to the founder’s vision of a country that might become greater than anything they could imagine. It is currently spiraling downward. Please duplicate anything here that you like. Go to the sites that are used and follow the speakers who speak to your heart.


 Join the Revolution!