BDS Policy simply a result of hating Jews no matter where they live? Even Spokane

Pro-BDS conference held at European Parliament

European Parliament Member Ana Gomes on Tuesday hosted an event titled “The Israeli settlements in Palestine and the European Union” and focused on slamming Israel and legitimizing BDS.

The event was held at the European Parliament, and speakers included BDS movement founder Omar Barghouti, Palestinian Authority representative to the EU, Belgium, and Luxembourg Abdalrahim Alfarra, and Institute of International and Development studies in Geneva researcher Tom Moerenhout.

European Parliament President Tajani after complaints from MEPs and Israel advocacy groups, expressed his reservations about the meeting, although he could not technically stop it from taking place. The Socialist Group, of which Gomes is a member, asked for any of their logos or party insignia to be removed from the event

The event took place despite numerous representations against it because of the presence of Barghouti, whose anti-two state solution comments, boycott calls and veiled anti-Semitism comments run counter to stated EU policy.

Gomes began her remarks by saying she was happy that the meeting was taking place despite the efforts of the ‘perverse’ Israel lobby. She then went on to chastise the EU for complicity in not doing enough to tackle settlement construction, a phenomenon she referred to as a cancer affecting the peace process. Alfarra listed a litany of views related to the occupation and urged more EU states to recognize “Palestine.”

Barghouti then outlined his perceived justifications for BDS’ actions, repeatedly calling Israel “apartheid” and accusing the government of far-right tendencies. Finally, the researcher outlined the legal case for boycotts and claimed the EU was in breach of legal obligations when trading with Israel.

The event was then opened to questions, mainly from Jewish and Israel advocates who called for a retraction from Gomes due to her un-parliamentary language, and calling out BDS as anti-peace process.

European Jewish Association Chairman Rabbi Menachem Marglin noted that BDS ultimately harms Palestinian Authority Arabs, since it harms the factories providing them with jobs.He also asked Barghouti to state whether his true intention was to help “Palestinians” or whether BDS’ policy is simply a result of “hating Jews no matter where they live.”

Both the event’s organizers and Barghouti had charges of anti-Semitism leveled against them.

In their responses, Gomes refused to retract, said she was not anti-Semitic. Barghouti called those accusing BDS of being anti-Semitic of being anti-Semitic themselves, said accusations of harm against Palestinian Authority were “patronizing,” claiming his actions were entirely justified.

The event was not well attended by MEPs, and perhaps 5 in total attended, all of whom are anti-Israel from the left political fringes, including Italian communist radicals. IsraelNationalNews.Com


In a bold move, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, head of the European Jewish Association, openly confronted BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti.

In an address to the European Parliament, Israeli-born Rabbi Menachem Margolin, chairman of the European Jewish Association, declared that boycotting Israeli companies causes Palestinians to lose jobs, resulting in further economic hardship rather than helping them.

Margolin sited numerous attacks on Jews across Europe, demanding to know the “real” agenda of the anti-Israel, or simply anti-Semitic, movement. UnitedwithIsrael.Org

So the BDS movement affects Jews in Europe and not here in Spokane, right? Boycotting Jews started in Nazi Germany in 1933. Boycotting Israel is Boycotting Jews. Why is that OK in Spokane? Why is it not challenged in Spokane?

 Downtown property owners advertise anti-Israel views Spokesman Review Feb 3, 2011

Poulin and Torres have an established history as war protesters and Peace and Justice Action League volunteers. She’s a retired social worker, and he has owned several local businesses. In 2003, Poulin turned himself in to the FBI in California, where he was wanted for “attempted damage to an energy facility” – loosening bolts in a high-voltage transmission tower. He plea-bargained.

Spokane Social Justice Activists have a BDS movement with their very own “Boycott Israel” sign displayed on interstate 90, up since 2011. Seven years of Hatred for Israel, hence Jews, unchallenged in the Lilac city. 

Spokane city leaders are actually  pursuing the title of “Smart City”

How smart can a city be that tolerates a BDS movement right in front of it’s nose? How smart can their human rights commission be when they frequently interact and even work with some of the PJALS members responsible for this kind of destructive hate? Senator Cantwell doesn’t mind the sign all that much either and even invites one of the owners to go to Israel with her below.