Spokane’s I-90 anti Israel sign turns 7


For 7 years downtown Spokane property owners have successfully advertised anti-Israel views on a billboard without any meaningful protest against it by the Jewish community or any other large group of people for that matter. (Where’s the Pro-Israel GOP?) It’s doubtful that even a swastika added to the Boycott Israel sign could get a reaction in a town that wants to be a Progressive city like Portland. The BDS narrative fits neatly in Intersectional Social Justice.

The international Boycott Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) movement to eliminate Israel couldn’t be happier to have had an ally like the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane. A PJALS post written in 2010 declares “Our Palestine and Israel Human Rights (PIHRC) committee is now defunct.” But talked of their relations with the committee on a post in 2014 the same year they had an anti-Israel protest in downtown Spokane.


There is currently an active Facebook entitled, Spokane Committee for Palestine filled with hate mongering claims by extremist sites like IsraEvil.Org  (Israel is Evil) and Mondoweiss.Net. Same old activists no doubt.

Do hit the red links, very worthwhile. It will blow your mind to see how low grade this hatred really is. Such fascinating people!

According to a city newspaper article in 2011 PJALS activists Marianne Torres and Michael Poulin paid $800 for the sign and planned on keeping it up permanently. It isn’t the largest advertisement tucked in between the Mc Donalds sign and Tresko Monuments near the Maple street exit on I-90 but it’s Nazi propaganda is directed towards it’s intended target. Apparently the Spokane Human Rights Commission isn’t all that interested in it either or they would have investigated it. Maybe they’re too chummy with PJALS and it might be uncomfortable. Imagine if this was a sign that talked about Female Genital Mutilation.