Simple Picture Guide to Alt-Left Spokane

Most people have heard the phrase, “What do I got to do, draw you a picture?” Well Spokane Pro Israel has been trying to lead the horse to water for some time now and not without some success but let’s get real. Spokane is either a very stupid cowardly city when it comes to standing up to the Left or they just don’t give a sh*#. The most obvious example is the antisemitic BDS sign on I-90 downtown at 1803 West 5th. It simply means “Jews you are not welcome here”. Not a good feeling for some Jews but it’s been there since 2011.

    The Alt-Left groups illustrated here don’t all hold the BDS viewpoint but unfortunately many of their peers and even some of these organizations do. How uncomfortable can that be for the nice saintly type of Progressive, especially some who are actually doing good works for humanity. But then maybe it’s not that bad after all. Perhaps some of the more radical Leftists need swastika armbands so they could align with the 4 or more neo-nazis in the county that the violent Anifa goons want to punch. But hey, maybe DSA armbands might eventually be seen in the endless protest marches in Spokane where some of the activists actually march with Communist and Socialist Alternative flags. So much for stupidity.

Stop being lazy and look some of these groups up for yourself. This is some pretty crazy sh*# they believe in. Do your homework on the Boycott Divestments and Sanctions movement against Israel. Your kid is getting a dose of it on college campuses. Fight back!!!!!!