PJALS 2018 Conference To Host Anti-Israel Lawyers Guild

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Every year the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) has a conference at the Unitarian Church that has brought in a mixed bag of Alt Left groups such as CAIR and speakers like Judith LeBlanc. This year’s Intersectional talent isn’t much different. The National Lawyers Guild will be teaching the local SJW’s about their God given Constitutional rights at Protests. We support their Free Speech rights and their right to make fools of themselves.

See information about the NLG at NGO-Monitor.Org.

The NLG supports the anti-Israel BDS campaign just like PJALS does. Hell, they must be kissing cousins!  The International National Lawyers Guild International Committee (not a typo) has a Palestinian subcommittee and is angry that Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That kind of anti-Trump hatred should help members of Spokane’s Indivisible movement give a pass to their antisemitic BDS supporting peers. Intersectionality brings these very angry Peace-Niks together to Rise Up and Resist at a church with it’s own ecumenical UUJME affections.

PJALS Anti-Israel Protest 2014 Spokane

PJALS is charging a fee to get in but will probably have to let the local DSA and SA members in free. Spokane’s Antifa or the North Idaho Redneck Revolt guests would no doubt have to force their way into the non-violent event or just go under cover behind their silly masks.

Conference details, press HERE.


The National Lawyers Guild is being sued for discriminating against an Israeli organization purely on the basis of nationality, in breach of New York law. UnitedwithIsrael.Org Jan 14, 2018


The National Lawyers Guild, which calls itself the progressive alternative to the American Bar Association (ABA), has thousands of members in chapters across the country. Founded in 1937, the Guild is the oldest and largest progressive bar association, with a network of public interest and human rights lawyers, jurists, and activists around the country.

It also has a well-documented history of singling out Israel in national resolutions and supporting anti-Israel activities. In May of 2017, two members of the NLG chapter at University of California Irvine attended an anti-Israel protest as purportedly neutral “legal observers” but apparently failed to report the anti-Semitic shouts of demonstrators, as recounted by witnesses to the incident.

The NLG has a “Palestine Subcommittee” which “advocates for justice in Palestine, organizes delegations, provides legal support to BDS movements, works to support Palestinian political prisoners, and works to implement Palestinian rights.”

In 2014, the NLG called for the Obama administration to face charges of war crimes for funding Israel’s Iron Dome.

Alan Dershowitz criticized the NLG in September 2014 as being “the sworn enemy of Israel and the legal arm of Palestinian terrorism since the early 1970s following the Soviet Union’s switch from supporting Israel to opposing it.”

“The National Lawyers Guild has lost most of its lawyers since that time and has instead filled its membership roles with paralegals, amateur investigators and other assorted ‘legal workers,’” wrote Dershowitz.  “It has no credibility in the legal profession and even some of its anti-Zionist members have recently quit, calling its policies regarding Israel ‘crazy,’ ‘irresponsible,’ and ‘bigoted.’”

The antisemitic BDS Movement thrives in Spokane. Ask the Spokane Human Rights Commission to Investigate or at least discuss what the I-90 BDS sign means to our Jewish community. It’s been up since 2011.