Spokane’s Vagina Hat March, Jan. 21 Complicated

According to a site called the Pussy Hat Project, the Pink Kitty Cat head ornament representing a vagina, is a symbol of support and solidarity for women’s rights and political resistance. In 2018 they want to make a strong visual statement and Spokane’s Minions for Indivisible who have organized through the anti Israel BDS group, PJALS will try promoting another “adult rated” freak show at the convention center. Basically it will be just another “Hate Trump” stunt.

The local Activists had already cancelled once “because of internal division among the group organizing it” according to Inlander.Com. That’s called bickering.

The bigger Dumb Downed SJW Movement itself is in turmoil because the Pink cap is now considered Racist and Transphobic due to multi colored genitalia. Maybe Worth a read.

Perhaps a better location to protest would be near Mt. Carmel Utah. SPI agents photographed the old sign below in Orderville, Utah. Trigger Warning!

The anti Israel group, Code Pink is famous for wearing Vagina costumes to make their points on women’s oppression. The so proclaimed “spontaneous” Women’s March on Washington was and still is a hostile organized ruse by Alt Leftists from Indivisible. It’s vulgarity will again be covered on Fake News.

Ayann Hirsi Ali doesn’t have much use for one of last year’s organizers Linda Sarsour whom local social justice activists admire. Video

You could get some insights from a local activist Facebook page entitled Spokane Washington Women+ Move Mountains or visit your Grandmother and thank her for making you a strong rugged individualist who can discern reality from fiction.

Have some fun viewing last year’s comical Women’s March on Nothingness.