EQUALIST! “Feminist” is too Gender Specific

So the question is. If this word (Feminism) is met with resistance and disdain by a large number of people, why are we still using it? More importantly, does it carry with it the same meaning? Back in the 1890s we lived in a very distinct binary. Men. Women. There were not terms for gender fluid, gender variant, gender neutral and transgender. People may have identified as this but it was not expressed very loudly, if at all. Thus the predominant binary. You were either male or female. Forever.

We are moving past that. We do not live in a gender binary. In fact, we are moving so far from the binary that we are changing the shape of our language to match these identities. We are doing this so to not offend others. Just recently, the word “they” can now be used to mean singular. This is to steer clear of the use of pronouns such as she, her, him and his. Even condoms are being reclassified. First we had male condoms, then female condoms. But it became evident this is not gender neutral. So now we have inside and outside condoms. There is a current uproar (and rightfully so) about gender neutral bathrooms. As a society we are trying to not pigeonhole people, concepts, places and even colors into a gender binary.

This is why it is puzzling to me that we still use the word feminist, or feminism. It denotes and relates to a very strict binary. To me, it means that there are men and there are women. It also means that they (meaning men and women) are treated differently, paid differently, respected differently and separated out from each other. And while these things occur in society, I do not think the word feminist is the word we need to continue using.

The word feminist contributes to the binary. It focuses so clearly on the differences between men and women that it does not pull us together. In fact, it pushes us apart. It does this by focusing on differences. When all we focus on are differences, we are not able to see similarities. Because of this it is difficult to come to the middle. The word feminist is not only gender specific language, it is polarizing. Hit the link below for the entire article.

Gender Neutral Language and the Word Feminism HuffingtonPost.Com

You “Equalists” better get used to Newspeak because it’s already been here for a while and if you’d like to keep your livelihood you better get familiar with the word traps. In Canada there are Social Justice Tribunals and some men and women get themselves in trouble with the thought police by not adhering to  linguistic looniness.

Does the Professor in the first video think it’s OK for Men to batter Women in an organized sport? They are Equalists, right?

Fallon Fox Vehemently Defends Herself To Be Able To Fight; Slams Back Inappropriate Judgement By Fellow MMA Fighter

In 2011 an Iowa sophomore high school wrestler refused to wrestle a girl. Watch the interrogation and see that true wisdom logically wins. Compare him to Betsy Cairo who hoodwinks her naive adolescent audience.

Where do kids get these ideas and are parents discerning enough to fight  Collectivist’s Indoctrination? What happens when they go to college where this is normal? What have they already been exposed to? What if this differs from a child’s or parents’ religious views?

How do you defend your beliefs, especially if they differ from new cultural norms? How do you defend yourself when you are accused by the Collectivists who will use whatever it takes to shame you or your family? Most Americans think this will just go away or choose to ignore it. Don’t.