What Terrorist Attack? Protests in Spokane

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The Terrorist event in New York city didn’t make any big headlines in Spokane. But PJALS garnered the Monday newspaper dribble with a clever Progressive choreograph against Cathy. Big news for Spokane. Local Republicans still in shock and awe mode from recent Alt-Left defeats from groups like FUSE.


Apparently the chain immigrant in New York didn’t like Christmas and luckily just blew up his stomach instead of fellow New Yorkers. Festive vests are very popular in some cultures on the globe and sometimes in Holiday colors. Someone should have asked why he wanted to move to the US and does he believe Sharia law best for Americans. His relatives are trying out the victim card with the help of CAIR because Police are asking questions.


2nd Visa Lottery Recipient to Attack Big Apple in Last 6 Weeks

On Monday, an ISIS-inspired Islamic terrorist tried to blow up a subway terminal in Times Square with a homemade pipe bomb that malfunctioned. He told police he targeted that particular walkway because there were Christmas images present. Six weeks earlier, on another national holiday, Halloween, a jihadist was on the loose, ramming a rented truck into pedestrians, killing eight. Both foreigners entered the U.S. under President Obama and the Democrat’s visa lottery program Continued