Pocahontas Warren Slur Not Anything Like Dolezal’s Smack Down


Senator Elizabeth Warren, America’s greatest living fake Indian, is outraged.

“There he was, at a ceremony to honor Native Americans,” the former Harvard Law prof, who claimed to be Native American on account of her grandfather’s high cheekbones, fumed, “And President Trump couldn’t even make it through a ceremony to honor these men without throwing in a racial slur.”

The “racial slur” was calling a woman who is as Indian as the pilgrims, Pocahontas.

Taunting an American Indian that way might be a racial slur. Taunting Warren that way doesn’t insult her race. The millionaire former asbestos lawyer is as white as cottage cheese. It insults her character. It reminds everyone that Warren is as much a fighter for the “little guy” as she was a Cherokee.

The Senator from the High Cheekbones Tribe of Harvard isn’t just a fake Indian. She’s a fake class warfare activist.

And a fake everything. Must read the rest!! at FrontpageMag by Daniel Greefield.


Remember Spokane’s Social Construct and the beating she took?

Spokane white trashed Social Justice Warrior Rachel Dolezal so bad that she changed her name and she didn’t even go to Harvard as an Indian either. The Howard grad was just a poor black child (in her mind) fooling the local NAACP, PJALS, some local newspaper journalists and EWU perhaps with a little help from her (had to be very stupid) mostly white SJW friends.

She became small potatoes when the local press beat her down viciously after she orchestrated a successful non violent Black Lives Matter rally outside city hall. But maybe the Spokane Media didn’t want her to sully Spokane’s “activist initiated” compassionate city reputation from the thousands of ruminating readers of the Inlander where she wrote. Instead they deferred the money making story to Fake News where Matt Lauer interviewed Elizabeth Warren’s twin offender. Here’s the latest Vice interview (video) on Spokane’s pied piper, May 28, 2017.

She was a natural born leader for local protesters. Some of those angry activists continue to beat her up for her “trickery” but nary a word in the local press about Crazy Liz whom Dana Loesch calls the Original Rachel Dolezal.

Maybe employers should have done back ground checks before allowing these two a job.

Shawn Vestal: Rachel Dolezal remains unabashedly Rachel Dolezal Spokesman Review

Just in time for the holidays, Spokane’s undisputed heavyweight champion of racial appropriation is surfacing with new commercial projects, including a 2018 wall calendar, “Rachel Dolezal – Pictures and Quotes.” It retails for 15 bucks on her website and includes photos of Dolezal in slinky, glamorous poses; on the cover, she lies on her back, playing with those long, tan dreads.


She carried on a charade and plenty of us in Spokane swallowed it: a Montana-born white woman wearing bronzer and leading Black Lives Matter protests, who was victimized and threatened for her work.

When the truth was revealed, it undermined everything she said she stood for. It threw the organizations she was leading, the local chapter of the NAACP and the city police ombudsman office, into chaos. It gave bigots everywhere a new shorthand for race fakery.

The Race card and almost every other SJW narrative has reached new heights in the ongoing sensitivity training that Americans are being subjected to almost every minute of the day on media, college campuses, work places and even in Americans families. The Left’s hate hysteria has inflicted cranial damage on our populace and maybe the best mental health therapy is to just laugh your ass off at it. Our very flawed President gave a timely zinger.

The Donald may have coined the phrase, Fake News but Americans knew exactly what he was saying just like the Cherokees did when they called out the” BS Code” on shameless Elizabeth Warren. Meanwhile Progressives are losing a few heroes on some very Fake News channels. Enjoy the 12 second video below.