Why Socialism Makes People Selfish

Dennis Prager was not welcomed at the University of Wyoming by unusualy silent protesters (video) but with accusitory signs that American colleges are now used to seeing. So tragic that students these days don’t know what Socialism is while Venezuela and North Korea could give them a clue or two.

Dennis has a menu of short videos that cover a wide variety of topics at Prager University. So why spend all that money at a college campus that doesn’t teach History when you can get these free.

Press the link Prager U Videos.

Headlines below

A crossroads for free speech on our campus UWBranding.Com (student newspaper)

Students Plan Protest Against Dennis Prager Talk on UW Campus LaramieLive.Com

Dennis Prager Targeted by Activist for Upcoming Campus Talk Critical of Socialism LegaliInsurrection.Com

UW students protest speaker, Dennis Prager KGWN.TV

University Student Diversity Director Threatens Dennis Prager CapitalResearch.Org

University of Wyoming Students Fight to Shut Down Dennis Prager Speech on Socialism Breitbart.Com

Spokane has a very active chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. They coordinate or intersect activities with the local Social Justice activists. In the video above Dennis references a book entitled “the Black Book of Communism”. Might be time to read it at Archive.Org