Spokane GOP Study Your Local SJW’s

Spokane Conservatives need to study the Alt Left Social Justice Warriors to win locally. They’ve had to play defense for way too long and you have to hand it to the SJW’s, they are putting on clinics at city hall and on college campuses. They are called Community Organizers and they say they stand up for the oppressed, imaginary or otherwise. They are the righteous. They define what LOVE is and YOU better not cross them. At times the Republicans are so anemic and downtrodden from Leftist attacks that they might actually qualify as an oppressed group and have to protest for their rights.

So what the hell is a Social Justice Activist anyway and why do they seem to be everywhere and into almost everything? It looks so overwhelming and they stay so consistent. Where do they come from and where are their connections? It’s not like they are all that hard to find, or are they?

Maybe it’s time to read Saul Alinsky’s book or anything by by former leftist radical David Horowitz.

Why are Spokane Republicans waiting to be liked by the Press and why do they fall for Social Justice narratives and feel good theater? Tell the public why you won’t show up to staged events.

Do your own thing and kick Fake News out. You are still going to be called heartless. So what, who cares? Embrace it and have a little fun with it for once.

If you do want Press, try this. Hold a rally at the PJALS connected Boycott Israel sign on West 5th. Invite church pastors. Invite the Spokane Human Rights Commission and the NAACP. Ask them why this is OK. Ask them if it’s meant to intimidate the Jewish community? It’s been up since 2011. Video the event and send it to out of town news resources. Plaster it on social media. Run a campaign. Get some petitions going. It’s your platform GOP!


You might glean some ideas from the videos below to start considering your plan. Remember there are plenty of normal people who are fed up with the SJW’s dictating behaviors and outcomes in public. The cultural war is kicking your butts. People are starving for leaders who will call out the bulls*#. Social Justice Activists have huge problems and too many victims to account for.

In the video above Libertarian Tom Woods interviews Vox Day for some ideas. You can search the entire book for some ideas, “SJW’s Always Lie” Book on PDF

Classic liberals on college campuses have been gagged by the SJW’s. You can major in the Social Justice. Imagine what those graduated missionaries herald forth. They are a product.

There is a siege in Canada and some brave people are speaking out against Collectivism.

In America Lisa De Pasquale has written a book which may help your college student. Press the book to link to Barnes and Noble and give it a glance. Or go to Amazon. No SPI doesn’t get any money.

The Alt-Left has all kinds of tools available to study and they are incredibly well written and funded. Here’s a couple of countless links available to learn from. You can look up local agencies and you will see that they pretty much all say the same thing. You could also do nothing and just wait for a Social Justice Tribunal to start up like ones they have in Canada to blame you or your family for something politically incorrect.

Republicans, Libertarians, Classic Liberals and Conservatives are good hearted people who just want to live productive lives. They have a proven track record of helping others help themselves. They deserve respect but need to educate themselves about an aggressive SJW foe. This is a cultural war and you need to learn the terminology or you can’t win.

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