Spokane GOP Got Spanked

Spokane and Spokane Valley Republicans or Conservatives got spanked in their city elections and it’s totally their own fault for being so so nice.

Nice people tend to be naive and believe everything works out for the better. History doesn’t seem to favor this position because lots of nice people get hurt.

No doubt Apathy didn’t do anyone any favors as well. Low turnouts tend to favor the Left because they can activate their base. The Republicans have no base because they are divided and that’s not necessarily all that bad, but the Left knows their mission and marches in unison through Intersectionality.

Republican leadership got their fannies handed to them by local Social Justice Activists with the aide of the local press. Republicans don’t have any new ideas and are still running against phantom Democrats. A ghost party that doesn’t exist anymore except to news outlets who go over their talking points daily as if to lure a response that they can beat Conservatives up with.

In fact the Democratic Party’s favorable views have fallen to the lowest level in 25 years and the favorable views of Republicans has dropped as well. LINK News outlets aren’t doing that well either. VIDEO

So maybe it’s time to try something new or get some feed back from young people who are constantly herded on college campuses to controlled politically correct outcomes. That’s where the front lines are.

Spokane saw young people run for office and that’s good if they are not activists. Streets need to be repaired, law enforcement needs to protect citizens, and cities need an economy. That’s pretty much how small towns operate.

Spokane has become a trophy for the Alt Left and the area has seen a growth of radical activist groups with national and international ties operating with the local Social Justice agencies. A quick Google search on Justice or Peace can be eye opening for the average hard working citizen who just wants to go home at night and enjoy the family. It’s burdensome and even the GOP hasn’t figured this out or how to get their ideas made public. They might want to start by defining the opposition.

How can the local GOP inoculate Spokane from infectious Spider bites? Hell, where are these spider bites coming from?

They need to support college Republicans who have brought speakers to thought imprisoned campuses in the name of Free Speech. They need to support Israel and challenge the Spokane Socialists who support the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. They need to ask about the BDS sign near the Brownes addition and ask if this is repulsive to citizens in Spokane since the GOP is the pro Israel party and doesn’t want them annihilated by Islamists in the Middle East. They need to attend Christians United for Israel events when they come to Spokane.

There’s never been a greater time to fight for Conservative values. God knows the local GOP needs to try something else in the Conservative side of the state. Nice people can ill afford to keep getting spanked.

Ben Shapiro has taken the fight to the college campuses. It’s time to tap into this young energy and “RESIST” those who wear Pussy hats. Some advise from Ben below.

SJW’s mop up Spokane!

Breean Beggs, Kate Burke, Candace Mumm coast to victories in Spokane City Council races Spokesman Review

The Spokane City Council will retain its progressive-leaning majority, as voters gave comfortable leads to a slate of candidates endorsed by Ben Stuckart in what became a costly and sometimes bitter campaign in the final few weeks.

Spokane Valley voters toss incumbents on City Council; Munch, Collier and Pace lose seats

Spokesman Review

The Seattle-Portlandian virus is heading east and Idaho is next. Probably like most Spokane employers. Good place for businesses. Just think what would happen if they got an airport like in Airway Heights.

If the local Republicans could think like Big Oil and Coal they would have come up with an aggressive organized plan much like the local Alt-Left does by working with Big Enviro’s 350.Org and CELDF. So many Alt-Left organizations working in Spokane these days, so disturbing. Watch the shameless news piece below.

Be sure to ask your GOP politicians if they are acquainted with the radical left wing activists from FUSE Washington as they are taking much of the credit for winning. Perhaps it’s time for the GOP to use some Intersectionality tactics since this is a war of ideas.

Socialism will not help Spokane nor will Janteloven. Spokane, you deserve this.

Shawn Vestal: Spokane Valley’s politics changed, but they are still red … just a lighter shade Spokesman Review

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Republicans take some advise from Ben Shapiro or just open a GOP office at the Spokane Community building and join hands with all those oppressed Social Justice Activists who just kicked your behinds.