Antifa a Spokane Social Justice Nightmare

Antifa is a Social Justice Protester’s worst nightmare. They have taken the headlines away from the Progressive main stream media approved organizations with violence and street anarchy.

CBN gives an accurate history on these law breakers who originated in Europe and have now spread to the US. Many young naive college students have been drawn in to Intersectional movements like Antifa.

VOX tries to put on a spin to protect the highly funded professional protest organizations and their socialist communist narratives in the video below. It’s worth while to listen to this Alt-Left newscast.

On August 20th some of Spokane’s professional Peace-niks announced a “Conversation” about Antifa and Steve Massey’s great article on Transgenderism in the Spokesman Review supposedly trying to talk it all out maybe like on the school playground. These associates of Spokane’s Protest Central, PJALS proclaim themselves to be non violent  and anti War. Antifa views them as a gaggle of weak sisters. Antifa believes in violence.

Do yourself a favor and don’t go out of your way to confront these idiots. Video tape them or other movements that spread the same bullsh*#. Think a little more light hearted because the Social Justice movements are sickening average hard working American citizens. It’s wearing on them.

Antifa is kind of like payback to all the unchallenged hate narratives supported by national and international Progressive Leftist organizations. Antifa is a parasite that they might not be able to shake off. Like Boogers for Bolsheviks. They are like the Neo Nazi label that the Left attaches to normal average Conservative people. Now all SJW movements have the Antifa association rightly attached to them. Who would have thought that hammer and sickle flags and pussy hats mix?

Antifa signs at Trump for President rally in downtown Spokane


SPLC Won’t Label Antifa a Hate Group CapitalResearch.Org

So why not sing about these violent goofballs?

If you do have a Conservative event maybe make it in the morning because most lazy ass Protesters sleep in. They aren’t used to going to a job and your thinking audience will greatly appreciate no disruptions from the “it takes a village” idiots.

Honestly these are fun times for normal people. Spokane Antifa and other local SJW’s are begging to be filmed. They are hotter than kitten videos on Youtube. Watch Steven Crowder.

Antifa is the best thing that could happen to the Alt-Left. Never fear what you can make fun of and have a great time doing it. The Democratic party has sadly been destroyed by college activism gone astray. Socialism isn’t going to cure anything either.