Spokane Socialists Gonzaga Prof Protest Nigel Farage

Socialist Protesters in Spokane chanted “Nigel Nigel you can’t hide” at a Washington Policy Center Eastern Washington Annual Dinner hosting Brexit- Britain’s very own Nigel Farage. The Alt -Left never rests and they got coverage by local media for their wholesome humanistic efforts to resist, whatever they are resisting except Socialism, which of course is now harmless in educational circles like Gonzaga where an “average rated by students”, philosophy professor and author Joan Braune pens an Opinion on the Farage protest to the Spokesman Review perhaps to gain more notoriety to sell some of her books on Amazon. Who knows, who cares? Educational institutions are chock full of activists. Gonzaga recently renewed Melissa Click’s contract. Thank God for coach Few and Zag basketball.


Brexit architect Nigel Farage lauds Trump, Bannon in speech at Davenport Grand Spokesman Review

Farage delivered the keynote address of the Washington Policy Center, a nonprofit organization promoting free market ideas in state politics, at the downtown Davenport Grand Hotel. An audience of roughly 900 people, among them GOP lawmakers at the state and local levels, bookended with standing ovations a speech describing the United Kingdom’s vote to exit the European Union as a catalyst, its echoes in the push that put Trump in the White House and the need to combat “the enemy within” conservative circles that Farage said put those “great victories” in jeopardy.

The Protesters from the internationally affiliated Socialist Alternative, the Democratic Socialists of America and (PJALS) the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane obviously had their feelings hurt as Mr. Farage wasn’t all that impressed by them nor should you be. But you might be interested in seeing Professor Braune pontificate at a PJALS video taped event much like the congressional activist hopeful, Lisa Brown did unless you have to rake leaves or head to Walmart.


Featuring Joan Braune, Lecturer in Philosophy at Gonzaga University

How does White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon shape what militarism looks like under President Trump? How does it connect to white supremacy, xenophobia, corporate exploitation, torture, Christian supremacy, patriarchy and far-right power? This presentation and discussion will connect the dots between militarism and other forms of oppression and violence as it relates to President Trump and White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon & his Breitbart associates’ plans for war.

Whatever you think about Nigel Farage and Brexit you will have to admit that he has a great outlook on life and it’s possibilities. Europe is smothering in Socialism and any nitwit professor that thinks there is a future in it has only to study the past like a good student to know this college BS isn’t for a bachelors in Science. Joan Braune was listed as President of the University of Kentucky’s Socialist Student Union before Gonzaga hired her. Most people are liberal when they are young and tend to grow out of it as they get older. Maybe the Rocket Man Kim Jung-Un will too.

Take a little hit of Nigel and then view the above mentioned video links on the two SJW’s. Even if you smoke legal Washington State weed before watching, your remains of a brain will figure out that Nigel is much more fun than the dragged out queens of bummer. Such are the lives of the Social Justice Warriors making your life miserable so they can feel superior.

In fact you can check out the Spokane Democratic Socialists of America KeyWiki page to see if any of your friends are listed as members. Then ask them to share their cell phone. After all Socialism’s about getting your fair share, isn’t it?

Thankfully a Spokesman Review photographer posted a couple pictures of the Protesters at the event.

Gonzaga University offers a “Solidarity and Social Justice” minor which could help pave the way for future leaders in the Spokane DSA. It’s almost like a recruitment center with a captive audience.

Why are we seeing so many college teachers getting involved in radical leftist movements that call for resistance and disruption at public events? Why all the signs and foolish outfits? It seems rather childish especially when they are supposed to be community educators.