Gonzaga invites anti-Israel activist Angela Davis on Oct 25th

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel activist Angela Davis will be speaking at Gonzaga October 25th according to the University’s news release and some students responded by distributing fact sheets on Ms. Davis according to the Gonzaga Bulletin.

Imagine the GU Diversity administrators trying to figure out how to supply Conservative students a safe space on campus or fearing that they might Rise Up or Resist or even Protest Ms. Davis’s connections to the international Hamas connected BDS movement.

Well they don’t have to worry about it because Conservative students endorse Free Speech. Even if it’s an Alt-Left speaker like Davis. The speech isn’t supposed to be about Apartheid Israel but you can bet that the local BDS activists will certainly be there in solidarity.

Ahead of Palestinian Terrorist Rasmea Odeh’s Imminent Deportation From US, Supporters Plan ‘Farewell’ Event in Chicago Starring Angela Davis Algemeiner.Com

A convicted Palestinian terrorist set to be deported after spending over two decades in the US will be seen off by supporters next month in Chicago at a celebration featuring a prominent American feminist activist.

Rasmea Odeh — sentenced to life in prison by an Israeli military court for her membership in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and for planting explosives in two 1969 Jerusalem bombings, one of which killed two Hebrew University students, and released in a 1980 prisoner exchange — will be honored as a “farewell” event starring BDS activist Angela Davis.

Angela Davis is controversial in Spokane? How can that be?

Upcoming Angela Davis speech at Gonzaga brings controversy to campus Spokesman Review

“Whenever she speaks anywhere, you hear a number of the same objections – that she was a member of the communist party, that she’s been arrested, that she’s too extreme,” he said. “More recently, her work with Palestinians is always going to be a controversial issue…..

Who is Angela Davis ?

Millennials are too young to know about her sordid past. She’s not your average Social Justice professor.

Angela Davis: “support BDS, and Palestine will be free” The Electric Intifada (with a podcast) Jan 2014

Scholar, author and legendary activist Angela Davis talks about Palestine, the struggle against Israeli apartheid, the global prison industrial complex and why transnational security corporation G4S should be boycotted, in a recent speech she gave in London.

The video below was published in 2014 sponsored by the global movement for Queer Powered BDS at PinkwatchingIsrael.Com 


Ms. Davis came out as a Lesbian in 1997. That’s fine but why the obsession over Israel? Does the Feminist movement care about the slavery and assault on women and little girls in the Middle East by Islamists?

Israel and Arab Countries Are Miles Apart on LGBT Rights OutwordMagazine.Com

Arab countries including Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, in addition to the Palestinian territories, all had more than 95 percent of respondents answer no to the same question in the Pew survey. But then there are Israelis, who, although divided in their attitudes, are undeniably more accepting of the LGBT community than their Arab neighbors. Forty-seven percent of Israelis responded no to whether society should accept homosexuality, and 40 percent responded yes.

The Hideous Hypocrisy Of BDS And Allegations Of ‘Pinkwashing’ HuffingtonPost.Com

We hear nothing from these activists about the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Syria and the displacement and suffering of millions, the tossing of gay men off rooftops in Iraq, the beheadings and amputations in Saudi Arabia, and that country’s flogging of its citizens engaged in “sexual deviance.”  On all that, they are silent.

Ms Davis promotes the Hamas linked Students for Justice in Palestine and talks of her involvement at Brandeis University when she was young.

Compare the following articles on Ms Davis as they are uniquely different.

The Spokesman Review posts a clever piece on Ms Davis by an award winning author journalist.

Shawn Vestal: Angela Davis remains an important voice in America’s struggle with racism

“We did our public distribution this morning and tickets were gone in three minutes,” Brian Cooney, a GU professor of English and director of the Center for Public Humanities, wrote in an email. “The excitement for this is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Cooney said that it’s important for people consider Davis beyond the context of her controversial fame.

A Gonzaga Biology Professor writes the truth about Ms Davis. Sad there aren’t others.

Letter: Davis has done some good, but Jesuit values say look at whole story  Gonzaga Bulletin.

Just last month Davis was the guest speaker for convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh’s farewell party. In 1969, Odeh was jailed for assembling bombs that killed two students in a Jerusalem supermarket. A year later, Davis herself was a member of the domestic terrorist Black Panther Party.

Join the Gonzaga Alumni Association and let your voice be heard. Who financed this event?