Did Spokane Antifa Call a Jew Nazi?

It appears that a Spokane Antifa Twitter page called Ben Shapiro a Nazi and we got fooled as we missed the fact that it states that it is also a parody page. Missed the fine print and it is somewhat confusing. But there is a real Antifa presence in Spokane and most likely law enforcement is keeping an eye on them. So much for Twitter. Needless to say there are extremists at Berkeley that think he is one.

Ben Shapiro speaks at UC Berkeley despite arrests and protests Fox News.Com

The talk by Shapiro — author of the bestsellers “Brainwashed,” “Porn Generation” and “Project President” — was met with resistance mostly from Berkeley students who were heard chanting, “Speech is violent, we will not be silent!” and accusing Shapiro, an observant Orthodox Jew, of being a white supremacist or neo-Nazi.

Shapiro just scored a huge victory for free speech in Berkeley. So whether it’s the North Idaho Redneck Revolt or Spokane’s version of Antifa the local Peace-niks who constantly demonstrate for Social Justice infractions on Spokane’s public streets and elsewhere in the Inland Northwest might want to sterilize their own camp from these special Hate Breeders. They are violent.


Below a picture by SPI at an anti-Trump rally at the Spokane Convention Center. Antifa member is hiding behind a sign and a Spokane Police officer.

It might be hard to purge this virus since the local Social Justice activists already have a maniacal hatred of their own for the demonic President who’s own Jewish relatives obviously don’t know about his Hitler-esk bloodline or fascism fascination. Sometimes childish rants take on a life of their own. That shouldn’t take away the right to peacefully protest.

Spokane’s “Repeat Protesters” suffer from a malignant mental disease, one which is mutating violently in cities as close as Seattle and Portland. The fanaticism in the Anti-Trump movements have encouraged the dark side. It’s like the BDS movement which fans antisemitism.

America knows that there’s a radical Alt-Left even while the Press maligns Conservatives with imaginary connections to “REAL” repugnant White Supremacists. Antifa and Neo Nazis encourage violence and both are sickening to watch.

Even in Berkeley where the infection is the strongest, Police demonstrated how it can be stopped in it’s tracks. They got to do their job and repelled the Lawless Masked Twinksters from destroying tax payer funded public property and committing other crimes in the name of Social Justice.

By the way Ben Shapiro is no fan of the President. But then Conservatives don’t believe in Unicornia or for that fact Intersectionality. It’s a diverse crowd of Patriotic Americans who love their country. Makes one wonder what Progressives actually love. Selfies?

You can find Ben at the Daily Wire or watch his videos. A special thanks to YAF.Org.