North Idaho Redneck Revolt

Antifa North Idaho has a Redneck Revolt Facebook page that bills itself as a political organization.

Armed Antifa Group Offers Training Manual On Terrorism And Guerrilla Warfare

An Antifa organization called Redneck Revolt is advocating for “revolution” against the rise of “fascism” in the United States, and the end of capitalism. To facilitate these goals, the group offers a variety of resources, including a training manual for conducting guerrilla warfare with sections for “executions” and “terrorism.” In the wake of the targeted shooting of Republican members of Congress earlier this year, nothing is more concerning than extremist organizations calling for armed revolts against civil society.

Redneck Revolt is one of several organizations to spring up following Trump’s victory at the 2016 polls, and is purportedly one of the largest of these Antifa organizations currently operating in the United States with over 30 chapters across 20 states.  Continued The Daily Caller

 Redneck Revolt has a Youtube page and it’s own website with a U.S. map to connect to local state chapters. One of their videos below doesn’t exactly promote good will. Hopefully Homeland Security will squash this dangerous movement. The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness has a page on these groups. North Idaho and Spokane should be just as concerned about the Alt-Left as they are about the Alt-Right. Anarchy or any kind of violence promotion has no place in the Inland Northwest. This is disconcerting for Social Justice Warriors as well because Anarchists use many of their same narratives while justifying violence. The Anti-Trump movement has a whole new malignancy growing in their midst.