Lisa Brown To Trounce Pro Israel Cathy Mc Morris Rodgers

Progressive Activist Lisa Brown intends to trounce Cathy McMorris Rodgers in 2018.  She is an experienced entrenched public employee with strong connections to the Social Justice Extremists in Spokane. Press the Youtube video where Lisa explains her links to and admiration for the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane, the leading BDS voice for the Inland Northwest. She also praised the Veterans for Peace whose Spokane chapter works closely with PJALS on anti Israel narratives and publicity.

Lisa will you disavow your connections to radical anti-Israel BDS groups in Eastern Washington like PJALS and the Spokane Veterans for Peace?

Spokane has an Inland Northwest BDS Facebook page. BDS stands for Boycott Divest and Sanctions against Israel. In 1933 Hitler’s Nazis boycotted Jewish businesses in Germany. It was economic warfare against Jews now practiced in the U.S. through many Alt-Left extremist groups who support BDS.

Some PJALS protesters are responsible for installing a permanent Boycott Israel sign near I-90, or basically a “Jews Are Not Welcome In Spokane” sign. So why aren’t the Spokane Republicans exposing this hatred from the Alt-Left? Doesn’t Spokane have a human rights commission? Are they not getting ready for an International Conference on Hate Studies at Gonzaga? Surely an expert at the upcoming meeting understands the intentions of the BDS movement. It’s not like the local regional Press is going to ask any tough questions about the BDS form of Antisemitism are they? Spokane hides this dirty secret in plain sight.

1805 West 5th Spokane

Do you think Lisa Brown has BDS leanings? Certainly doubt it. Maybe the Press should ask her. Maria Cantwell recently asked a BDS promoter to come with her on a trip to Palestine at her first Spokane town hall filled with Indivisible and BDS Activists.

Lisa, Have you ever seen these signs or know about them? Do you know what this message really means? Lisa, disavow from these radicals groups or own up to this Neo-Nazi Styled Social Justice Narrative. Republicans shame on you for your silence. Thank you Matt Shea for your hard work on the stalled anti BDS bill in Olympia and for fighting antisemitism in the Inland Northwest.

See the Spokane Veterans for Peace anti-Israel Billboard Here on Mondoweiss.

See the PJALS volunteers Boycott Israel Billboard Here on SpokesmanReview.

Last year on September 10th the Spokane Veterans for Peace showed a pro BDS movie at the south hill library four blocks from Spokane’s major synagogue. Timing is everything. Ask Hamas.