Cantwell’s Spokane Town Hall Anti Israel Voices

Matia Cantwell finally came to the bumpkin side of the state and was welcomed by Spokane’s Social Justice Warriors who like a talking Chatty Cathy doll, not to be confused with the Dump Cathy Facebook,  blabbed the same old Regressive narratives repeated over and over again on America’s airwaves but one issue was addressed at least four times. You guessed it. Those dam Zionists in Israel are oppressing Hamas operatives and practicing Apartheid against an indigenous people.

Two of the genius questioners were PJALS activist volunteers and Spokane’s most prolific BDS couple who erected a Boycott Israel sign on property adjacent to I-90 in 2011. They are all riled up about SB 720.

Tap the video above and fast forward this group hug town hall meeting to the settings below unless you have nothing else to do. Of course this is to inform the Pro-Israel public about how operatives build up false narratives right in your own back yard and how lazy reporters spin the news. It is also noteworthy that KXLY filmed the entire event and for that we must be grateful.

Start at 10:44 to 14:18 to hear the first two anti Israel activists.

Go to 34:28 to 34:55 and finally 1:00:50 to 103:29

These are preplanned and the activists sit in different areas just like Code Pink taught them. Even though the questioners seemed to be on a numbered system it is eery to see at least 4 people expound the anti Israel narrative with head nodding audience approval. What are the chances? Maria says she will go to Palestine and invited a PJALS Raging Granny activist to come along. Only a few Republicans attended unlike the Cathy McMorris Rodgers town hall meeting where there were plenty of Alt-Left activists who had a chance to blather.

Check out BDSMovement.Net and feel the Hate

After the event a young woman who was a former IDF soldier confronted one of the expounders dressed in a green BDS T-shirt, only to find herself surrounded by the unfriendlies. She lived in Israel and knows first hand what the truth is.

Kind of like what Kasim Hafeez witnessed when he visited Israel after going to a Jihadi training camp in Pakistan. His brief story. Kasim was in Spokane last week at the Spokane Faith Center with Christians United for Israel. Makes you wonder if the Activists might really just be antisemitic. The International Boycott Divest and Sanctions Movement against Israel is economic warfare against the Jewish Nation State. Jews have been in Israel eternally and have never fully left their indigenous homeland.

But here’s how the News spun the event.



In rare Spokane town hall, Sen. Maria Cantwell faces friendly audience critical of GOP, Trump Spokesman Review

The BDS Movement is putting pressure on Maria as sampled in a letter below. So it’s not surprising to see PJALS and their Inland Northwest BDS allies show their true colors. Economic Warfare to them is considered nonviolent.


Dear Senator Cantwell,

This letter comes from a Seattle resident who greatly respects and appreciates your work as a United States senator for Washington. I am a retired Episcopal Bishop, a lifelong Democrat and progressive.

I especially salute you and your colleagues in the Washington State delegation for your steadfast alertness to the sometimes threatening proposals from the Trump administration and the Republican majority.

There is, however, one matter that seems to me to be outside of progressive and fair-minded legislation. I am referring to the present move to constrain the use of boycott, divestment, and sanction (BDS). From my perspective, and I would urge you to join me, BDS is a nonviolent, peaceful means for people to support the oppressed and take a stand against violations of international law when they are occurring and our government does not act.

In this case, I am referring to the Palestinian people who have been under military occupation for more than 60 years while we have consistently supported the State of Israel by financial contributions and vetoes in the United Nations. The pattern is clearly that of apartheid as it was practiced by South Africa during the long night of oppression there.

I urge and encourage you to not support legislation that seeks to limit or suppress BDS. It is a fundamental right of the people of this country to petition their government through peaceful and nonviolent means including acts of


BDS is spreading hate and this is an important story sadly ignored in Spokane. Please click the link below to find out what you can do and why this must be exposed. 

BDS is Continuing to Spread Hate and Anti-Semitism Across the U.S. Adam Milstein .Org