Antifa Dorky Dangerous Terrorism on Free Speech

Antifa’s dweeby gals and guys might actually be fema-nastier than the dreaded “near dead” Neo-Nazi movement, but what’s up with a bunch of dorks and dorkettes wearing black clothing and covering their faces, even in Spokane? Yes, they have been seen with the SJW’s.

Antifa is a Social Justice Activist’s worse night mare as they too are fighting for the Unicornian Resistance. Geesh how on earth are the Spokane SJW’s going to separate themselves from violent extremists who could be in their very midst and will the local Newspaper ever label some of the collectivists as the  Alt-Left for advancing hateful international movements like BDS? Do these Spokane Activists ever consider some of their fellow travelers as potentially dangerous to their protected dignified reputation of representing every single victim of real or imagined oppression on earth? Resist dear SJW fools, Resist! Antifa thinks you are too weak. Ask Portland.

Beneath the black mask: Inside Australia’s Antifa


Antifa is an anti-free speech radical political movement of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist groups, including in the United States.[2][3][4] They have been described as being left wing to far-left.[5][6] The salient feature of self-described antifa groups is to oppose fascism by direct action, including violence if need be.[6] Antifa groups tend to be anti-government and anti-capitalist;[7] its adherents are mostly socialists, anarchists, and communistswho, according to Mark Bray, a historian at Dartmouth College and author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, “reject turning to the police or the state to halt the advance of white supremacy. Instead they advocate popular opposition to fascism as we witnessed in Charlottesville.”[8]

According to The Economist, the “word Antifa has its roots in Anti-Fascist Action, a name taken up by European political movements in the 1930s” which was revived in the 1990s, particularly in Germany.[9][10]Peter Beinart writes that “in the late ’80s, left-wing punk fans in the United States began following suit, though they initially called their groups Anti-Racist Action, on the theory that Americans would be more familiar with fighting racism than fascism.”[5] Antifa groups are known for militant protest tactics, including property damage and physical violence.[11][12][13][2] Antifa focuses more on fighting far-right ideology directly than on encouraging pro-left policy.[6]

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ISIS files ‘cultural appropriation’ complaint against ANTIFA The People’s Cube.Com

What you can do

Formally recognize Antifa as a terrorist organization Sign Petition Here

250K+ Sign Petition Urging White House to Label Antifa a Terrorist Organization

Antifa wants to look good and uses Social Justice Feel Good Narratives

Google search “Spokane Anti-Racist Action” and you will find a Spokane Antifa movement Facebook page. Just don’t tell the Spokane press as they are hunting for those they want to attach to the failed Inland Northwest White Supremacist movement. Branding all Conservatives racist is cheap press and brings out the few Alt-Right kooks out of the closet.

The Rise of the Violent Left The Atlantic.Com

Since 1907, portland, oregon, has hosted an annual Rose Festival. Since 2007, the festival had included a parade down 82nd Avenue. Since 2013, the Republican Party of Multnomah County, which includes Portland, had taken part. This April, all of that changed.

Will Antifa invade Spokane’s Indivisible Movement who disrupt Conservative town halls? Will Spokane see Anarchist and SJW violence in it’s city like Portland and Seattle? Hope not. So many demonstrations by unhappy people with Collectivist World views. At least that’s what we’re told. Meanwhile BDS and Antifa goes unchallenged in the designated Compassionate City.