Spokane City Council Investigates Man Made Global Warming

Think up some goofy words that match with the Outlaws hit song called Ghost Riders in the Sky (song) but call it Potholes in the Sky. The outlaws preaching the end of the world as we know it (song) are the elected city council activists who have a keen interest in the Paris Accord on Climate Change according to the local Newspaper. These Portlandian Wannabees provide a lot of comedy but it makes you wonder how much frivolity or expense the deplorable city populace can take.

Spokane City Council to vote on climate change following Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris Agreement

 KHQ News

Stuckart says more than 300 mayors nationwide have agreed to the guidelines established in the Paris agreement.

Ok here’s the real story by the one and only very good Centrist reporter from Spokane’s local newspaper. It has no Conservative reporters. They simply do not exist. Please read her entire articulate article.

Sue Lani Madsen: City Council’s focus on climate change ignores real Spokane issues

On Monday night, the Spokane City Council will take up a topic of vital interest to every citizen. Not effective pothole repair. Not timely snow removal. Not how to pay for more police on the beat. Not even weighing in on whether to cover the Pavilion in Riverfront Park.

The summary for Ordinance No. C35519 says it “will acknowledge the fact of anthropogenic climate change.” Except human-caused climate change is not a fact, it’s a theory. A scientific theory offers a systematic explanation for facts. Observable and measured data are facts.

After reading the Spokesman Review article you still have to ask yourself where do these public servants get these ideas or who is influencing them and are they really just activists who have some edgy beliefs or at least ideas different than the working stiffs who elected them? There is an obvious disconnect because the News says so in so many words especially when they are beating up Conservatives. 

So glad you thought about this. Well there are Activist groups that have a vision for Spokane but they rarely get any negative news and in fact collaborate with some activist reporters. Might even call it Fake News but why degrade CNN any further.  

Groups like the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) are heavily invested in the Lilac City through Envision Spokane and have used the Raging Grannies to block coal trains. The sky is falling and Chicken Little or CELDF is proudly clucking in courts across the country.

You didn’t think it was just anti-Trump hatred did you. It’s not quite that simple for this council of doom.

You can attend an event where the “BDS supporting” activists from Spokane Veterans for Peace and the Spokane Raging Grannies (PJALS affiliates) will field questions on their arrest and court case in Sandpoint on July 29th. The event is sponsored by the North Idaho Resistance Movement and Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRD) and who knows maybe the Sandpoint 911 Truthers will be there too. Sandpoint denied a Climate group in it’s July 4th Parade.

The Spokane council could consult with DirectActionSpokane.Org when solving this global crisis. So many activist groups in Spokane to choose from and this is just a sample.

Coal and it’s Opponents Discover the Networks.Org

Spokane needs some real investigative reporting to trace all the strange links to these local activists and the Unicorn Resistance Movement. It might explain why the city council is so interested in solving the world’s problems and not the basic ones in front of their face. 

CELDF is a radical Alt-Left group from Pennsylvania that has big time influence in Spokane.   

PR: Spokane Arrestees Sue U.S. Government: Seek to Overturn Federal Preemption of Local Control Over Coal and Oil Trains CELDF.Org Jan. 2017

SPOKANE, WA: Today, Spokane activists, including several who were arrested for blocking fossil fuel trains in Spokane four months ago, filed suit against the federal government in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington.

The real Goofballs behind Spokane’s Coal Train hold up aren’t that well liked by natural gas producers. 

 Do you really think that the Spokane city Council is bright enough to solve solar flares or volcano atmospheric burps without the influence of Activists? This city is in denial and can’t even see what’s in front of them. It’s kind of like once you run over a Spokane pothole you should know enough to avoid it next time.

Recognizing the Extremists Among Us and Their Radical Goals NaturalGasNow.Org

Tom Linzey, the spoiled – never had a real job – brat who founded the CELDF, runs around the country seeking out causes to which he can attach himself, many of them fractivist in nature, but he’s also been active in places such as Spokane, Washington, as we talked about here. There the issue to which he’s attached himself like a leech is banning coal and oil trains coming through the city. One of our readers writes the following:

Isn’t there a big news source out there with some common sense to dig into this city to expose these activist groups before costs go through the roof from lawsuits?

How about the Deep Green Resistance operating in Spokane? They even have a Deep Green Resistance book with a chart called Taxonomy of Action. That should wake someone up in the Inbred Empire.

Will the sun put the brakes on global warming?

A song for the Spokane City Council. Pothole in the Sky.