Christian Supremacy in Spokane

Christians in Spokane apparently suffer from Christian Supremacy according to local Peace Niks and radical Alt-Left groups. Christians are being judged by the better angels of an INTERSECTIONAL godhead.

Christian Supremacy is the connective tissue among different systems of violence and domination that use the language, capital, and power of Christianity to seek their ends. Quoted from Soulforce.ORG

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About: Soulforce’s goal is to turn this world upside down and inside out in the name of justice and equity for folks across all marginalized racial, sexual, and gender identities. We seek to do the kind of collective activism that makes our souls burst as we free ourselves from spiritual violence.

The term was also used at a downtown church after one of the numerous anti-Trump marches which was videotaped and put on a Facebook page. But you look for it. The video resembles a third grade pep rally. The organization who coordinated the event has more than just a few issues listed below.

“We reject fear, hate, apathy, white supremacy, homophobia, patriarchy, militarism, narcissism, Christian supremacy, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, economic exploitation, violence, apathy, and despair.” Quoted from PJALS.Org

Now this doesn’t mean that people can’t criticize Christianity. Everybody takes shots at Christians. Colleges have no interest in this wonderful religion but do be careful never to criticize Islam on a campus even if the college is founded by Christians. It’s now hateful to criticize any religion except Christianity.

Tying Christians in with White Supremacy is like saying the Jews brought down the Twin Towers on 911. Get used to it though because whether it’s Social Justice Activists or Holocaust Deniers saying it, no one is going to challenge it lest they be called Haters. Right?

Social Justice Activism is in it’s own right a religion. These people fervently believe in Victimology gods. Meanwhile Christians in other countries are being slaughtered by Muslims who take Sharia Law to the limits. There are Americans who happen to be Muslim trying to stop Sharia. Check out these brave patriots at the  Muslim Reform Movement.

What’s so bad about Christians that they have to be called Christian Supremacists? There are Christians of all color just as there are Muslims of all color. This is must be Christophobia. Actually it’s anti Christian bigotry.




Christians are not respected on many College Campuses.