Antagonists of Spokane’s GOP are BDS Supporters

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The protesting antagonists of the Spokane GOP are up to their necks in the BDS Movement by association. Boycott Divest and Sanctions against Israel is economic warfare against Jews. Spokane’s Indivisible Movement has intersected with activists from the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane to fulfill their manifesto, the Indivisible Guide and administer the anti-Trump “La Resistance” locally.

“Boycotts, divestment, and sanctions are tactics of political warfare used against Israel, intended to isolate it economically, culturally, and politically.” NGO-Monitor.Org

The Spokane Human Rights Commission has had or may still have PJALS activists working with them so it is doubtful that they are interested in the local defamation of the Jewish nation state of Israel.

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PJALS Protests Israel downtown Spokane


Hence seeing a Boycott Israel sign off of I-90 near downtown Spokane hasn’t riled up anyone since it’s appearance in 2011. The message is clearly just for Jews. You are not welcome in Spokane.

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Christians United for Israel  Have a July 30th Event in Spokane Valley

Send the video below to the Spokane GOP and ask them to become bold leaders in our community to fight the BDS movement locally. State Representative Matt Shea has introduced an anti BDS bill HJM 4009 that has stalled in Olympia perhaps by efforts from organizations like FreeSpechWa.Org.

Shea introduces legislation condemning anti-Semitism Spokane Valley Online. Com

If you are a Left leaning Progressive activist from Indivisible take time to examine the beliefs of some of your Intersectional allies in the anti-Trump movement. It might make you think twice.

Contact the Spokane GOP Here.

EMET Online.Org Endowment for Middle East Truth

It’s time for the Spokane GOP to stand up for Jews regardless of what state they are in. This is serious business and ignoring the double standards of the local Social Justice hypocrites isn’t going to make it go away. Call them out!