Wearing Masks in Public – Spokane Antifa

Many years ago on TV or in the comic books bad men would wear a mask before performing a bank hold up or a stage coach robbery. Everyone knew they were the bad guys. Hiding behind a mask represents evil.

The Alt-Left movement called ANTIFA is a group who attach themselves to other social justice organizations that are involved in the myriad of public protests against just about everything you can think of.

This is a problem for Social Justice agencies who use the art of Intersectionality to foment civil unrest. Whenever you blend in different groups under the banner of Hate things can go awry. Crazy hateful movements draw crazy hateful people and Antifa supports violence.

The Indivisible Movement is built on that vitriolic rhetoric, written in their Indivisible Guide. It’s filled with hatred and demands revolution. Resistance to the Trump Agenda. How frightening. As if he has that much power.

Spokane has a couple of Facebook pages and a web page listed under “spokane anti-racist anti-fascist” searches where you will see some nifty logos like in the photos below. They claim to fight aryans, neo nazis, pro-lifers, homophobes, etc. and even anti-semitism, assuming they would know what it is.




Most likely Antifa participants at the Spokane Convention Center last summer when Trump campaigned in Spokane. The 3 arrows in the circle is a logo Antifa uses.


Indivisible collaborates with the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane, PJALS but how can they be assured they haven’t been infiltrated with Antifa coverts? These violent radicals think the Progressives involved in protests are too soft.

People wearing masks with the sole purpose of violently confronting people they don’t agree with should be arrested. This is less complex than solving why Kathy Griffin supports beheading.




Any city that lets Antifa walk the streets with masks on in protests sends a message of tolerance. Tolerance for criminals. Not to mention how ridiculous they look and how embarrassing it is to civil society. They have already walked the streets of Spokane amongst the local sustainable “Peace-Niks”. They are as dangerous in Spokane as they are in Portland or Berkeley.

The Social Justice Activists in Spokane need to clean house from groups who support violence. That can also be said for Conservatives who may be infiltrated with holocaust deniers and white supremacists or separatists. That’s because boys and girls, there is an extremist Alt-Right and an extremist Alt-Left.

For you idiots who think Socialism isn’t dangerous take a trip to Venezuela to receive your fair share. Good luck finding toilet paper to wipe your sniveling hineys. Study History. We have a great country.

 Tim Pool is a video journalist who films protest events and has a great channel that you can subscribe to and you will get to make your own evaluations on Antifa and other groups. Tim is not a Conservative but has been labeled one simply by showing the truth.  TIMCAST Youtube

Hope you enjoyed the lighter hearted comedies to offset this disgusting subject about low grade common criminals.