Spokane’s Indivisible Guided by Hate

The foul mouthed Pussy Hat March on DC was the behavioral shock and awe to launch this preemptive hate movement. The target date for War was during the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Normal Working stiffs were exposed to a menu of gross, vile, sad, whiney, angry, “Experts” who preened on collaborating Alt-Left airwaves like NPR or MSNBC about how they got screwed over.  Majority participants were White Women who demanded a White Woman run the country to save it from the White Patriarchy in so many words. Yes, women without color.

Americans had elected a fairly flawed (and aren’t they all?) public celebrity figure accused of being a worse misogynist than the public servant, Bill Clinton. The Election was deemed crooked and Hillary became a victim even though she won more coastal and inner city votes (legal or not) but lost deplorable blue collar Americans unanimously who could have given a sh– about either party. They wanted a bull in a china shop. Someone to screw with the politicians’ heads for change. They knew elections were rigged and that the press was steering the GOP debates. They didn’t want another Bob Dole or John McCain. They wanted a brawler.

The Obama tied Indivisible Movement is based on one simple platform, Hatred. In this case Hatred for Donald Trump. Hence an anti-Trump narrative. But it would have been for any of the GOP candidates and thankfully there wasn’t another boring Oligarchy theatre for the masses to endure. “Bush’s vs Clintons.”

Indivisible simply uses weaponized narratives accusing those they despise the crimes of Misogyny, Xenophobia, Patriarchy, Capitalism, Colonialism, Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Islamophobia, Nationalism, Patriotism, Christian Supremacism, Zionism, Conservatism, anti-Globalism, Alt-Right-ism and whatever-isms one can conjure to restrict free speech. Like on college campuses such as Evergreen State where the children turn on the teachers.

But then Indivisible really isn’t a Movement. It’s just a hate document. A manifesto. For the Believers. Social Justice Warriors!

Followers who shockingly deep down must have a little hypocritical hatred in their own hearts. Minions who have more compassion for hurt feelings than crimes on humanity. How else can you explain it?

It is a written document!

Below is the best short article we have seen thus far that succinctly summarizes the connections that motivate these idiots to embarrass themselves on public street corners with accusing crayon scrawled memes against normalcy and thereby protecting the marginalized from this Satanic President and his little demonic helpers who possess town halls.

Terry McLaughlin: ‘Indivisible’ not as inclusive as movement suggests

The Union.Com



It appears locally, that the protesters look like college educated angry old white women, with a few college students, who have hitched their own peculiar quibbles to the established Peace Justice Action League of Spokane. They also get some help from FUSE Washington a Seattle based activism organization with deeper pockets. These groups contain many radicalized losers and anyone with half a brain should reconsider their association.

Check out our Indivisible Protesters Page at the top of the menu. Simply put, Spokane has a Social Justice Cult that regardless of any good intentions, is unified by hate according to the words in the manifesto they follow. The Big Money funded, very connected, Alt-Left, Indivisible Guide.