Spokane GOP Needs To Shame Anti-Israel Activists

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The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel branded it’s eery presence near the Spokane Brownes Addition by I-90 with a Boycott Israel sign in 2011. Creepy protests defaming Israel followed on downtown streets by Social Justice protesters coordinated by the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane and affiliated goons.

1803 W 5th Spokane

So now the unexcused recent rash of “Neo-Nazi labeled” hate graffiti towards Jews and other minorities is somehow different than the BDS sign?  Jews should feel safer because the same anti Israel activists  claim to be against antisemitism while using disturbing phrases like Christian Supremacy in their rallies with the nationally organized, dim witted Indivisible Movement who shut down Republican town halls and stalk Conservative politicians like Cathy McMorris Rodgers while wearing pussy hats?

It’s like this city wants to be Portland. Most people here claim there is no antisemitism in Spokane. Many people don’t want to confront it even when they see it because it’s no big deal and everything will be OK. Right? That’s kind of like wishing Spokane’s scapegoated Rachel Dolezal will go to mental health someday.

A man at an anti-Israel protest in 2014 held a sign on the Federal Courthouse steps with other activists that said Israel occupies Congress (video) yet it made no headlines locally. No media outrage. He wasn’t wearing a swastika on his shirt sleeve but the message was quite clear.

 Spokane’s Republicans are the Pro Israel party. Don’t tell them that because most of them haven’t quite grasped it yet. Some have more interest in Sandpoint 911 Truth conspiracy theories. In Spokane Republicans think they have to defend themselves from being called a Nazi or Hater even though they really are Nazi Haters. The county GOP headquarters had Nazi Scum written on it the same day an anti-Trump march took place but it didn’t qualify as a hate crime. The community building that the anti-Israel BDS activists work out of got chalked with popular antisemitic Nazi Memes and the story even made headlines at the highly respected Times of Israel .Com.

Sadly it’s not like the Spokane Jewish community is standing up for itself all that much either or reaching out to Conservatives who just so happen to support Israel unlike most of the Democratic party. Spokane city councilman Mike Fagan, a Pro Israel Christian, spoke at Temple Beth Shalom on Holocaust Remembrance day this year.

Christians United for Israel has been the strongest voice for Jews in Spokane thus far with help from Pro Israel State Representative Matt Shea who proposed an anti-BDS bill that has been temporarily stalled in Olympia by the Dems. But this is not Texas and our toilet focused Governor Inslee ain’t no Greg Abbott.

It appears that the local News Media is more interested in their own political power than serving the Spokane people with objective reporting. They throw a bone once in a while to the Conservatives as if to lure them into their den for a good butt whipping and ironically most enter it. They are honest and upright and have patiently answered accusations of Xenophobia only to be poked at again.

This meme doesn’t mean that all people affiliated with PJALS are antisemitic or Nazis but the message they proclaim is pretty much the same. Economic Warfare against Jews. Volunteers at PJALS put the deplorable sign up on their property in 2011 and have the right to do so.

BDS is Modern Antisemitism (4 min video)

The Republicans could own Spokane’s voters by bypassing the local news outlets and educate the populace on social media or out of town media sources. While the state takes the local Dems to court the GOP needs to learn how to fight and figuratively kick some serious ass. So far they have demonstrated that they are a nicely mannered overwhelmed JV team.


Here’s a picture of a Spokane Jewish woman’s car that got vandalized and it’s window broken in the Brownes Addition recently. The swastika isn’t written neatly in chalk. This was the act of a hasty hater. The Republicans need to take on this issue not BDS activists and boldly stand for Israel and the Jewish community. It might just win them some votes.