Anti-Trump Comedian’s Sleazy Beheading Photo Op Backfires

This ISIS image promoting, ditzy Alt Left, Has Been Comedian is 56 years old. Two years older than Colleen Hufford who was beheaded by a Muslim convert in Oklahoma in 2014 that some government experts called Workplace Violence.

Collen Hufford

Normal Americans are getting fed up with this theatrical violence from Social Justice Activists like Madonna who spoke of blowing up the White House or Marilyn Manson promoting a beheading video of a character resembling Trump and of course rapper Snoop Dog with his toy pistol shooting a clown meant to look like the President.

Makes you wonder what the Alt-Left really stands for besides narrative porn.



Comedian Kathy Griffin’s gruesome, Islamic State-inspired, photoshoot with the fake severed head of President Trump is an unsettling reminder of both the depravity of the Left and the lengths to which some radical activists will go to make a political statement in our information-rich age.

The Left, American history shows, is inherently violent in both word and deed, but conservatives, despite a fondness they share with….Continue

Gloria Allred‘s daughter attorney Lisa Bloom went to bat for this Progressive innocent woman. Lisa sounds a lot like she just went to the Women’s March on Washington. Kathy is the victim. Do you get it? The President’s eleven year old son didn’t but he’s a child. Hopefully this 56 year old adolescent and the other has been low grade artists lose, big time.

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