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Concordia University professor fights what he calls academic cowardice CBC News Montreal Canada

Gad Saad, better known as “The Gadfather” to his fans, regularly appears on highly popular U.S. talk shows and his YouTube channel has millions of views, yet the Montreal professor is largely unknown in Canada outside academic circles. He is credited with founding the field of evolutionary consumption, which teaches that men and women are influenced by biology and Darwinian principles when they shop. But Saad, a Concordia University marketing professor, is perhaps just as known for his public battles against what he considers to be a social justice culture that harms society by rejecting intellectual diversity. He argues political correctness is limiting the free exchange of ideas on university campuses across the continent — and he holds special disdain for professors who do not fight back. “The seven deadly sins should be updated,” Saad, 52, said over coffee. “We should add an eighth sin: Cowardice.” “Most (teachers) put their heads down. They want to do their research, not ruffle feathers, and cowardice seeps in — let someone else fight the battles.” When University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson was vilified for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns for transgender people, Saad invited him on his YouTube show (The Saad Truth) instead of joining the chorus of academics and others who denounced him. The episode garnered more than 100,000 views.

This is a lengthy video so come back when you have time. This is an investment. Also check out his Youtube channel. He has daily commentary and some awesome videos.

Gad’s Youtube channel is going viral. Canada has suffered in a PC war for many years that has many casualties. Although not as bad as Sweden yet, Canadian intellectuals are rebelling against totalitarianism and warning the U.S. that the cultural war is on college campuses.

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