Anti-Semitic Memes Tediously Chalked on SJW Building in Spokane

According to published News Sources in Spokane, Social Justice interns found an anti Jewish Hate Message on “their” Community Building’s alley entrance early April 28th. The windowless sturdy double doors were carefully chalked red, yellow, white and blue in tidy lines with very good non cursive penmanship and a grade school drawing of the Star of David. It didn’t look hastily done considering that they might be assumed to be repeat graffiti offenders. See the article below for good pictures of the doors.

Anti-Semitic graffiti found in downtown Spokane Spokane Favs

Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on the Community Building in downtown Spokane Spokesman Review .Com

In March this same building as well as others in downtown Spokane got plastered with flyers that had topical disgusting White Supremacist Hate Messages. Spokane has had a sordid history of violence perpetrated by Racist White Supremacists and the recent rash of graffiti crimes are meant to instill fear among minority communities within the city. So far the culprits haven’t been caught. It appears that these criminals could be hardened Neo Nazis or just wannabe pranksters with low moral IQ’s. The one thing that is obvious is that whoever did it craves attention for either a desired effect or personal satisfaction. Sick stuff no matter.

The Messages on the doors are interesting in itself because there are some unique memes that are parceled on the thoughtful layout that indicate that these perpetrators might indeed be historically literate,  indoctrinated, or educated from numerous White Supremacist internet web sites. This is not the usual knife carved hate messages above urinals or spray painted erratically on abandoned buildings or alley ways or even on college campuses. If in fact you’ve examined the hate messages on the flyers promoted by Stormfront or other Holocaust Deniers the images are disturbing. Their narratives against Jews or Israel are as evil as the Hamas Charter.

Take the phrase Juden Raus chalked on the sides of the Jewish star drawn on one of the doors  Below: a definition by “Holocaust Glossary”.

Another chalked meme was  “The Goyim know. Shut it down”. Goyim is plural of Goy a term not encouraged that is used by some Jews to refer to someone who is not Jewish or a term used by an observant Jew to refer to a Jew who is not religious or is ignorant of Judaism. “The Goyim Know” is also the Internet’s best “anti-semitic song” as covered in an article by Tablet Magazine.

According to “The Goyim Knows” is also known as “Shut It Down”,

a catchphrase used to impersonate and mock jews and the conspiracy theories arround them, as a goyim (non-Jewish person) has discovered a Jewish conspiracy, so the Jews shut the conspiracy down to prevent the “truth” from being exposed. The catchprases are often used as captions on images of jews talking on a phone or a handheld transceiver.

Amazing that people are this ignorant and can dream up this crazy hateful stuff.  You can’t stick your head in the sand anymore. See the whacky pictures: Know Your Meme .Com

Check out Jewish Conspiracy Theories Archives at My Jewish Learning

The meme “Hitler did nothing wrong” is fairly obvious in it’s intent but believe it or not it’s another marketable commodity. Searching the internet for any content on this hateful meme can make you dizzy. The picture below is meant to look like a Mountain Dew label. One of the biggest stories about this phrase has Hollywood actor Shia LeBeouf assaulting a man who repeated Hitler did nothing wrong in front of a camera recording Shia’s anti-Trump performance art.

“Gas The Kikes Race War Now” the last chalked meme was made most famous by Tay an artificial intelligence Microsoft Twitter Chat-Bot last year. The internet is a sick place for people seeking attention by finding titillating memes to build a following on Facebook. This garbage plays especially well to a historically illiterate younger population.

The images of Neo Nazis looking like Aryan goons in grandmother stiched uniforms formerly near Hayden Lake, Idaho or where ever they now slither is so yesterday. The marketing of Hate towards Jews has changed and many times people can’t quite tell the difference of what’s true and what isn’t in an age of moral equivalence and new definitions of hate speech.

The Boycott Sanctions and Divestment movement against Israel or BDS is much more organized and makes the Hate Chalk perpetrated by a few Neo Nazis, not confirmed yet, look like small potatoes. The irony of this story is that the Social Justice building tagged has organizations in it that have promoted BDS and anti-Israel narratives for years in Spokane. You would think this building would be the last place in the world to deface given similar interests and fantasies about Jews.

This Social Justice Organization claims to stand against anti-Semitism and all the other isms and phobias. But most Spokane Jews are onto the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) and aren’t buying it. May the culprit or culprits be caught soon. May Spokane’s hateful BDS bill board stop reminding Jews that they are not welcome in Spokane.

There is also a keen lesson to be learned here and of course this is not to diminish the stupid hateful memes. Never give more than one color of chalk to a Neo Nazi. It could slow them down when defacing property.