Collapse of Modern Feminism at Gonzaga (+ Event Updates)


The Gonzaga College Republicans are so excited to announce that author, resident scholar of the American Enterprise Institute, and professor Christina Hoff Sommers will be speaking on campus about the Collapse of Modern Feminism! Press HERE for more details.

Gonzaga Women’s and Gender Studies Celebrated it’s 25-Year Anniversary on March 8th 2017. So how fitting that Gonzaga will have a Feminist give a lecture polar opposite than the PC campus status quo.  Last year the GU Republicans fought Administrators to bring Conservative Dinesh D’Souza to campus and according to a post on the Gonzaga Bulletin the college provided a safe space alternative event. Strange that Conservative viewpoints are considered controversial on a Christian campus. It will be interesting to see how the GU 3rd Wave Feminists react and defend their power base.

Gonzaga Bulletin,

The departments of English and Women’s and Gender Studies coordinated a poetry reading in the Hemmingson Center rotunda as an “alternative” to the D’Souza speech.

Apparently speakers from a “Progressive” point of view are a better fit at the Jesuit college even though Christina is a life long Democrat. The Social Justice professors could learn a lesson or two from Christina if indeed they are open minded, not heavily invested in Intersectionality. Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking should draw any self respecting student to at least listen and consider another point of view. Boys can’t be boys at this college.

Gonzaga stops selling ‘boys will be boys’ T-shirt after complaint that it ‘perpetuates rape culture’ Spokesman Review

Below are popular videos by Christina Hoff Sommers to get a sense of how dangerous her ideas are on campuses.

For the full hour interview on the Rubin Report press HERE

For the full hour interview on Viewpoint press HERE

Here is a follow up from the event itself on April 24th. It rattled the Feminist status quo as they not only monitored Christina but met the next day to rearm the Intersectionality fortress.

On the ground, SPI agents saw a room of polite, slightly confused young people who seemed to enjoy Sommers’ easy going style and honest assessment of 3rd wave feminism’s harmful effects on critical thinking. She was truly like a caring Mother teaching children that playing with matches is dangerous. In the age of the Berkeley thug riots, this was a huge score for free speech and all the Zags deserve credit, especially the mature minded college Republicans. SPI will add headlines from other sources but all the videos from Christina pretty much destroys Feminist victimology.

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Gonzaga University College Republicans Facebook group picture. A Revolution

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Tune in on the Factual Feminist Videos HERE but be aware that you will never think the same about Feminism. If you are a Women’s and Gender studies student consider changing your major.

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SPI would like to recommend that the Gonzaga Republicans bring in Camille Paglia as a followup to Christiana Hoff Sommers.

Reim: Campus feminism a disservice to millennials Spokesman Review

Yet students at Georgetown University claimed to be traumatized by one of modern feminism’s greatest critics, Christina Hoff Sommers, after one of her talks about the trigger warning culture. Hoff Sommers frequently discusses how statistics on the gender gap or campus sexual assault can be misleading. But instead of listening to facts, some women on college campuses meet new information with hostility and anger.

How the Academy Is Failing Feminism

Intersectional feminism, according to Sommers, does not educate college women about their human dignity. Instead, its narrow focus on systematic oppression encourages them to feel victimized and resentful toward men. (Since she does not conform to intersectional feminism, Sommers now refers to herself as a “dissident” feminist.)