Indivisible & Andrew Breitbart

If Andrew Breitbart were still alive he’d be calling these “Indivisible” whack jobs out or film them. They are a well financed growing virus. A top down organization that plays on FEAR. Big Money. Big Fear.

Indivisible should be labeled an Alt-Left Hate Organization just as the Tea Party was called a Right Wing Hate group. Fair is fair, right? The Activists who stage choreographed protests by following the Indivisible Guide (audio book) should be filmed where ever they show up to post on Youtube so that normal working Americans can watch the whiney self centered narratives. There are tons of Social Justice Warrior videos on Youtube. They get a huge audience because of their childish antics and crazy outfits. Watching Indivisible Protesters will never be as popular as Cat videos but some of these upper middle class white women occasionally wear Feline hats while declaring the sky is falling. So you never know it might go viral.

Don’t Hate Progressive Activists Just Film Them

Normal People Can Figure It Out For Themselves

Just ask average citizens to tape them (if they’re not at their jobs) with their cell phones and cameras and then funnel the profundity to an Independent or Conservative website. Youtube is loaded with SJW rants. So why not in Spokane? PJALS, FUSE, Spokane Indivisible, Veterans for Peace, Unitarians, and so many other local groups need more attention on Youtube. They love to preen on Spokane streets and in front of Republican offices. So why not exploit them? They do it to blue collar working Americans who voted Republican or Libertarian. You don’t even have to talk to these Progressives. In fact do not engage. Just let them do the blabbing while you’re doing some stealthy filming. It’s best to keep your distance as they are trained to interfere and they will be filming you.


Alt-Left Protesters Force Marco From His Offices

Do be aware that there may also be some violent protesters at these events and take precautions to avoid them. Be wise and stay safe. Most are harmless and emotionally led. But things can go awry as witnessed on the televised riots in Portland, Seattle, DC and Berkley. The Spokane Activists are not obtuse just by proclaiming they are Peaceful. Many have a history in anti-Israel BDS events.


Andrew Breitbart, the 43- year-old conservative blogger and Internet pioneer known to a generation of Americans for a new style of online media – a unique genre of combat journalism – died on Thursday in Los Angeles from natural causes due to complications from heart failure.

Breitbart not only carved out a new mixture of investigative journalism, combining the mediums of video and the microblogging website Twitter with huge scoops, he was slated to start a Big Jerusalem website to fight the seemingly endless mainstream media distortions of the Jewish state. Continued


Greg Gutfeld: Remembering Andrew Breitbart — Random thoughts on the fifth anniversary of his death

By now everyone knows But how well do they know the guy who started it all?

Andrew Breitbart died five years ago last week, so I’m thinking it might pay to remind people where the name “Breitbart” hails from: a man who is no longer on this earth, but seems to be felt everywhere.

First, Andrew was one of the deepest, funniest, smartest individuals I’ve ever met — and the world deserves to know him. Most people know of my relationship with A.B. — though I don’t talk about it much, unless I’m asked. Continued