Extremist Brings Butterfly Wings to Spokane

Artist activist Favianna Rodriguez graced the Spokane Woman’s Club on International Women’s Day. Conservatives can learn a bunch from her dedicated efforts. She is an amazing energetic visual force in the Social Justice arena and is very connected to some very rich, powerful people on the Progressive Left. Be prepared to see some Butterfly wings and of course more vile Pussy Hats perhaps at some future PJALS or Spokane Indivisible Protests. The event was billed as family friendly and one of the sponsors was the Spokane Firefighters Union.

Her visual propaganda sticks to the cover of the deceptive Boycott the Art of Economic Activism pamphlet above. PJALS and the AFSC brokered the 2015 summer event at the EWU/WSU Phase building in downtown Spokane where one entire section was devoted to the BDS movement or economic war against Israel. Spokane Favs covered the story and interviewed a PJALS activist. SPI agents gathered intel See Posting.


Favianna has developed Intersectionality into an Art Form. Civil Unrest is a top down movement with highly organized extremist groups fomenting narratives that divide a great country with borders. 

Migration is Beautiful: DIY Butterfly Wings for Pro-Immigrant Marches and Rallies

This year is already shaping up to be a year of protest, from the 70-city “Here To Stay” pro-immigrant mobilizations on January 14th, to the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st. In the spirit of powerful resistance, I have compiled the following DIY that will teach you how to create butterfly wings to wear at protests and rallies (Thank you, Favianna Rodriguez and CultureStrike, for the inspiration and advice! Migration is Beautiful).

Resistance 101: A Lesson for Inauguration Day Teach-Ins and Beyond

Students must learn to think critically about our nation’s history and learn the lessons of social movements to make this a more just society. The master narrative of social movements being won by individual heroes and large demonstrations won’t serve young people well.

To help introduce a history of resistance to injustice, Teaching for Change has created Resistance 101, a lesson for middle and high school classes to use for Inauguration Day Teach-Ins and beyond to #TeachResistance. Favianna is referenced with other Activists. Just what a youngster needs.


Change the Culture, Change the World

Artist Favianna Rodriguez, who co-founded the immigrant rights organization Culture Strike, reflects on how cultural undercurrents come together to make waves of political change.

Favianna Rodriguez Isn’t Afraid to Challenge Convention

From her “Slut Power” poster series to artwork likening immigrants to monarch butterflies, artist Favianna Rodriguez isn’t afraid to challenge convention.

Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment, & Sanction of Apartheid Israel

Call upon all Queer groups, organizations and individuals around the world to Boycott the Apartheid State of Israel. June 27th 2010 There is a prominent poster attributed to the artist.

BDS Arts Coalition

BDS Arts Coalition is a a coalition of individuals committed to finding ways to act in solidarity with and support the broader goals of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. The initiative is interested to create situations of discussion and learning about BDS and how it can be applied within the artistic and cultural field. Overall, the coalition is formed around a basic desire to understand how artists and cultural producers internationally can act in solidarity with efforts to seek justice for Palestinians and in Palestine.  The name Favianna Rodriguez appears as one of the signatories.

Iran hosts Occupy Wall Street poster exhibition

Organized by the art department of Iran’s Islamic Development Organization (IDO), the event exhibits 36 artworks by international graphic designers at Abolfazl Aali Art Gallery in Tehran.

Josh MacPhee, Ray Cross, Jimmy Hendon, Colin Smith, Kevin Vancio, Rob Sheridan, Brian Tatosky, Roberto Conti and “Favianna Rodriguez” are among the artists whose works have been displayed during the event.

Favianna Rodriguez talks sexual liberation, immigration, racial justice and art

Now I’m 35 years old. Fifteen years ago, I realized I wanted to explore open relationships. I read this book called The Ethical Slut. It opened my eyes and transformed my view of sexuality, because it confirmed something I knew to be true: I could love many people at the same time. Just a few years ago, I really came out as queer and understood that I did not want to identify as a lesbian; I did not want to identify as bisexual; I wanted to identify as queer, because it allows me this space to be along a spectrum and not have to align myself with something I felt was very white. I always felt that the whole LGBTQ thing felt very white and felt disconnected from who I am as a woman of color.

How do we take on colonization and racial justice by empowering a pussy culture, a culture that celebrates the pussy, a culture where we move away from the phallic imaginary into the pussy imaginary? That’s what I’m trying to do now with my art. I’m really excited about it. I’ve focused on art and immigration for the last five years. I’ve been tackling the physical border that is the U.S.-Mexico border. Now, I’m challenging the border in my own imagination around sex and self-love.

Pussy Power, a conversation and art workshop with Favianna Rodriguez

“The Pussy Power Imaginary, seeks to redefine the pussy as a source of empowerment, a reclamation of agency, and a vehicle to promote self-love while deepening the relationship between women and their own bodies. Recognizing that not all women have pussies, and that every single one can define ourselves beyond the genitalia we are born with, I am attempting to create a space for people to explore the ways in which sex and sexuality is kept in the darkness, while rape culture is normalized and reproductive rights are eroded.