Trump Frightens Spokane’s Fringe Groups & “Indivisible Grows”

This is big News when there ain’t none. Some call it Fake News but let’s just call it a Paranoiac Pestilence of Protesters from the Alt-Left “Indivisible Movement”, who have identified Donald Trump as the devil and perhaps like the recent protester vandalism written on the Spokane Republican headquarters, his minions are Nazi Scum. The disease has infected Spokane like the recent flu virus. Even Normal people, the working stiffs are starting to wake up and complain, mostly to each other, about the concurrent circus shows in downtown Spokane.

The Madonna tainted Spokane Woman’s March was very connected with the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane, the leading anti-Israel voice for eastern Washington. Just about every national Alt-Left Narrative feeds from top down, into this Caldron of Spokane Kooks. Unfortunately the local Press has never challenged or investigated PJALS ties to some very radical organizations or for that matter the big money that funds them. Now that an internet connected “Indivisible Movement” with it’s own helpful PDF guide, has started it’s rise, PJALS will embrace and enhance their choreography.

Where do these ideas come from? Why Spokane?

Spokane Indivisible Group Forming

We are a newly formed group whose purpose is to RESIST TRUMP’S AGENDA
by working here LOCALLY. we are following the guidelines as described
in the INDIVISIBLE GUIDE document written by some former congressional
staffers. Our goal is to PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY, which is under threat
with calls and letters to our members of congress, presence at town hall
meetings, visits to our representative’s office etc. If you contact
our Spokane Indivisible email, we will keep you informed about what is
going on and how you can participate. MORE…

Check out the slick Progressive presentation. 

Liberals must learn Tea Party tactics, say creators of Indivisible guide The Guardian

As the fight against Donald Trump takes shape, some former congressional staffers think progressives should copy the conservative protest playbook. About 30 staffers from Congress and not-for-profit groups have created the Indivisible guide, which offers very specific advice for “resisting the Trump agenda”. MORE….

Rachel Maddow interviews a founder on her low rated show.

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Comprehensive article by an Alt-Left News Source.