Janteloven City Hall / Congressman?

President Ben Stuckart from the Spokane City Council is running for Congress to replace Conservative Cathy McMorris Rodgers and if he is anything like Governor Inslee the east side of the state will be a Portlandian Moon Beam Outpost.

In a Spokesman Review article President Stuckart looked to have had his eyes on the Mayor’s office last summer but maybe he thinks that participating in protests or simply that the Law of Jante could propel him to Congress perhaps like PJALS Activist, Shar Lichty may have thought when she ran for Mayor and later decided to run for the 6th District House seat occupied by Republican Jeff Holy. She lost big time, twice. Both claim to speak for the marginalized which seems to grow larger each day.

The Councilman was called out by Republican official Stephanie Cates at an anti-Trump City Hall Migration meeting filled with mostly PJALS Protesters who were specifically exposed by GOP District Leader 3C  and 2nd generation Holocaust survivor, Monika Wachowiak. The Activists in the audience tried to intimidate the three Republican women. The Peace Justice Action League of Spokane is the leading anti-Israel “BDS” organization in eastern Washington and the main “go to” organizer for Alt-Left protest events in downtown Spokane.

If you want to see Monika, Pat, and Stephanie pop the Immigration balloon at City Hall forward the video below to 2:47 and go to 2:57. You will notice that the protesters stand and face the podium when they approve and sit down or turn their back to the speaker when they disapprove. If you are housebound due to weather, had one whiskey too much and need a nap then listen to the whole video. Janteloven works in mysterious ways in Spokane.


What I experienced at the city council meeting was really not civil discourse,” Cates says. “It was an environment that was hostile. There were obscene gestures made when I spoke, there was intimidation, aggressive intimidation. That’s not helpful to the discussion.”

Cates says that city councilmembers, including council president Ben Stuckart, were playing on people’s fears with the ordinance. She says it created hysteria about a policy that has not been proposed.

The Law of Jante actually runs Spokane. Tell the local media that if there is an Alt-Right then surely there has to be an Alt-Left unless Spokane is just going in circles. Yah! On one foot ,eh?