Islamophobia Chokes Speech in Canada

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Canada’s so-called anti-Islamophobia motion is nothing but trouble TorontoSun.Com

Long before there was “fake news” and “alternative facts,” we had to grapple with “Islamophobia.”

The term first worked its way into popular culture more than a decade ago. It was originally used to denounce the harassment and inconveniences average Muslims unduly faced in the aftermath of 9/11.

But Islamophobia soon morphed into a catch-all phrase to silence anyone critical of the religion. This applied even if they were denouncing extremism like Shariah law or groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s now become so bad that it’s even hurled at liberal Muslims in the West for speaking out against the ultra-orthodox values that caused them to flee their home countries in the first place. The term has been rendered meaningless and anyone serious about tackling genuine religious discrimination should toss it aside. ……Continue

Right-Wing Activists Blast Canadian Anti-Islamophobia Motion As ‘Blasphemy Law’ HuffingtonPost.Com

Right-wing activists are attacking a motion in Canadian Parliament intended to combat anti-Islamic racism and religious discrimination as a crackdown on free speech.

Iqra Khalid, a Liberal member of Parliament who is Muslim, introduced the non-binding motion in December as a response to rising anti-Muslim sentiment. As a motion and not a bill, it calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” It also suggests tactics for reducing bigotry.

It doesn’t outlaw anything. Nevertheless, conservative websites have condemned it as a “war against free speech” and a “modern day blasphemy law.”