Indivisible Resistance Fighters Seize Spokane

How unfortunate for Spokane that Alt-Left Social Justice Activists have seized the city. Elitist Sleaze-balls who look down on working class American Taxpayers by constant protesting about how bad our country is with insulting degrading signs, sensate outfits and expletive rantings. American citizens and forebears who sacrificed to make this country great will never hear their country exalted on a college campus where most of these malcontents are radicalized. It’s Hateful Anti-Trump hysteria but is so much bigger than Trump. It’s about attacking average hard working Americans, half of the country, who voted for an imperfect human being. Voters were worn out by PC narratives and weakling representatives from both parties.

Classic Liberalism is gone. Believe it or not more Conservatives are classic liberals in it’s true sense. Ask Venezuela how Socialism is working for them and if they would vote for Bernie. The national Debt for our country is almost 20 Trillion. Both Parties threw us in the ditch. There’s nothing free to give away. Time for an economy not fomenting anarchy on the streets.

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Activist Rachel Maddow on January 17th gives the scoop on the highly organized Alt-Left  “Indivisible Movement” and how it works. So when the local media responds to a “spontaneous protest” against Republicans don’t believe it. The disingenuous advise from the guide book for Alt-Left Activists is to join an established group in their city. For Inlanders that would be the Peace Justice Action League of Spokane, the leading BDS organization in eastern Washington.

Here’s an example of an “Indivisible” Protest in Texas against Senator Ted Cruise. Listen to their list of grievances which sound like average DNC talking points. Sorry, the Democratic Party is gone. The old Democratic Party never looked at themselves as victims and at one time supported the working class not free loaders and citizens of other countries.

Local Spokane Activists showed up to ruin Martin Luther King Day by booing and chanting at Cathy McMorris Rodgers. How low and disrespectful to MLK. These are Mob tactics to intimidate and gain media narratives. What if Conservatives stormed Patty Murray’s office and asked why she sold out Israel on Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal. That would go over like a lead balloon.

See for yourself what this new package for a failed product looks like. Check out the Indivisible Movement and the art of Permanent Protest.

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But could a new generation rebel and go Conservative?

The Alt-Left is not tolerant. A funny sample of what Youtube viewers see all the time at events. These radicals have hate in their heart.