Woman or Womxn?

Why Are People Using the Terms ‘Womyn’ and ‘Womxn’ Instead of ‘Women’?

As of late, many woman-oriented organizations around the United States are taking on alternate spellings of the words “woman” and “women” in efforts to be more inclusive.

“Womyn” and “womxn” are two of the most commonly used substitutes to avoid using the suffix “-men” at the end of the term, but others like “wimmin,” “wimyn,” and “womin” are also sometimes used. Read more at HelloFlo.Com

3rd Wave Feminism is turning Normal People Off

The videos below might give you a little insight to the madness surrounding the recent Women’s Marches and why women could even join such an event. This style of thinking didn’t happen overnight. There are no Men’s studies programs in colleges and really why should there be? This kind of Fear is peddled by a Radical Feminist Narrative used by politicians, college faculty, and Social Justice Activists. 

Milo Yiannopoulos Lauren Southern kicked out of Amber Rose Slut Walk Video
Lauren goes to the Edmonton Slut Walk Video, Toronto Slut Walk Video

Factual Feminist 50 video library Here

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Brilliant New Feminist Tactic: Using Little Girls in Videos to Yell The F-Word

In the latest stroke of genius for the bitter movement, the feminists over at FCKH8.com have released a video featuring little girls in princess outfits dropping the f-bomb and screaming non-factual statements about women’s equality in American society.

Warning: lots of really bad language.

What is MGTOW? Men Going Their Own Way

S.P.I. supports Equal Rights, not Radical Feminism and the dangerous Intersectionality Movement.