Spokane Pro Israel Pictures for your Blog

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This is the year “SPI” and really any Supporters “for” Israel are going to kick some serious BDS Booty. BDS is the international Boycott Sanctions and Divestments against Israel movement.

Spokane Pro Israel .Org would like you “growing” PRO-ISRAEL bloggers to use these unique photos taken by SPI, on your Facebook pages or blogs. The pictures are meant to capture a sense of loneliness as a metaphor of our eastern Washington lack of support or for Israel. You may have even experienced that yourself by defending the Jewish state and finding absolutely no interest. There are many societal reasons for that in a sensate culture that clouds critical thinking. These pictures bring more exposure to SPI (yippee) and some unfortunate exposure to a few covert Leftist Organizations operating in eastern Washington that promote the BDS economic warfare on Israel. (huge yippee)

Perhaps in 2017 we will see Rally pictures in our area. Rallies supporting Israel. Rallies or Protests to stop the Genocide against Christians in the Middle East and Africa. Use your imagination to get the news out and best wishes to you and your family in 2017.