Snowflake Generation a By-product of Education

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How are you going to keep your little pinhead from becoming a Snowflake or a Powderpuff? Especially in  public schools with so much fuss about everything has to be fair and no one’s feelings get hurt. Face it your little genius will be supervised for most of his or her life in the fantasy world of education. These little Snowflakes are showing up on campuses ill equipped for college. The tragic news is that college can do even more damage to their frailness and the ones left with critical thinking skills either by luck, class selection, or influential parenting will find themselves alone in the crowd. Yep, the overstated Matrix. How the hell can these mature students thrive in this dumbed down culture?

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Dr Joanna Williams
Senior Lecturer in Higher Education University of Kent

The corrosion of conformity on campus

The impact of this experience can still be seen in Williams’ new book, Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity: Confronting the Fear of Knowledge, which includes a good deal about how both critical theory and feminism have had a negative impact on teaching and research.


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