Silly Girls at Women’s March

Sometimes you just have to stay on a subject not just to beat it to death but to provide a little comedy relief and some funny common sense narratives to counter the Alt-Left Abbey-Normal propaganda especially from the Extreme Feminist Intersectional Movements. The American people are sick of Victimology and many citizen journalists are recording these sycophants on the streets. They are worth recording and posting because they usually go “viral”. So you can be a Capitalist and make money exploiting Socialists. They’re like watching Cat videos or the World’s Dumbest Criminals. Unless of course you are watching sports like MMA or the NFL.




This is the Face of the New Democratic Party and let’s you in on what’s in store for the Normal Majority who are labeled racist, misogynist, xenophobic, islamophobic, and don’t forget we have too many straight White 2nd Amendment, Christian males in our country. Those guys happen to hate Neo-Nazis and anti-Israel Extremists. But don’t tell the Collectivist Extremists that because these grown up adolescents believe the GOP or Israel is the Nazi party.

Perhaps it’s time for a Men’s March in May. Wear signs about supporting the Patriarchy just to un-nerve the Radical Feminist Activists in downtown Spokane.



Here’s a classic Steven Crowder video from 2015 that you will love. It also illustrates the insanity that drives the movement.