PJALS Leads Immigration Mob

The Peace Justice Action League of Spokane is not only the local area BDS leader for anti-Israel narratives but is a chamber pot for Alt-Left Social Justice Narratives.

In the video above, Spokane City Council President and aspiring congressman, Ben Stuckart blurted the Statue of Liberty is crying. He sounds like an immigration expert and a sanctuary city kind of guy.  He has also supported the Council on American Islamic Relations as a human rights organization for Muslims. The same civil rights group that trashed the Pro Muslim Women movie Honor Diaries.

Unfortunately for CAIR many Muslims rather prefer to be represented by the Muslim Reform Movement or as just normal Americans without all the redundant victimology attached.

On December 3rd 2016, CAIR was invited to Gonzaga at a Good Neighbor Conference to contribute on the Islamophobia narrative just as recent guest associate professor Jonathan Brown opined U.S. Colonialist Oppression of Muslims to a GU Activist audience yesterday where he begrudged Robert Spencer to a debate.

Curious? The protest pics are a hoot.

Protesters in Spokane denounce Trump immigration orders Spokesman Review Jan 29-Story

Immigration Protest in Spokane (Jan. 29) Spokesman Review Photos

30 photos from Sunday’s Spokane protest of Trump’s executive orders against refugees Inlander

Republicans in Spokane are Nazi Scum. What would that make the BDS anti-Israel crowd in Spokane? 

Ironically earlier the same day of the protest the Republican headquarters had Nazi scum written on their windows. That message was also seen in the narratives at this “spontaneous” protest. WOW! Remember the Anarchists in DC? Just nice people wearing masks and burning stuff. So far no arrests at this divisive non inclusive “Blame the Donald” fest.

Vandals target Spokane County Republican headquarters Q13 Fox News

Spokane County Republican Facebook

KHQ says that the demonstration was spontaneous which differs from the KXLY video that claims PJALS organized the chanting mob. It’s not uncommon for PJALS members to get arrested for protests.

Get used to this divisiveness Spokane because the Women’s March on Washington was the launch pad for Social Justice Extremist success. So it appears Ben Stuckart may have a lot in common with the protesters.

So strange, so terribly strange. Those Stuckart posters mixed in with other signs. Something wrong about this (Trumps Voice)