CUFI brought Elliot Chodoff to Spokane

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Elliot Chodoff taught at Spokane’s Covenant Church on January 19th. Currently this church is the leading Pro-Israel voice in the region. Their beliefs line up with Christians United for Israel, an organization that has rocked the foundations of this country. They are brave. They are bold and they take no refuge when defending Israel’s right to exist and the vital connection with Biblical Christianity.

CUFI has no time for Replacement Theology or Social Justice churches who support the pro Hamas BDS movement. They are proud of their connection to Israel.

Irving Roth and Elliot Chodoff confirmed to SPI that CUFI does not evangelize Jews. So to our local Jewish population, there is no Gotcha! Both men praise CUFI as a highly effective organization to fight antisemitism and provide support for the Jewish Nation.

See Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth’s visit in Spokane. Here


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‘It’s no secret’ for Israel, U.S.: Beware of Hezbollah The Jewish Chronicle

Hezbollah, said Chodoff, is not only poised to launch more than 200,000 rockets at Israeli targets, but also has been infiltrating the U.S. through the Mexican border and has a network of terror cells here waiting to be activated by its chief supporter, Iran.

Elliot Chodoff stands with fist clinched in front of Spokane’s “Economic Warfare against Israel” sign near I90.

IDF Major Calls Iran Deal a Disaster Atlanta Jewish Times

The Iran nuclear deal and “aggressive, expansionist, fascist systems” in the Middle East were the hot topics discussed Monday, July 27, in an address titled “Israel: What Now” by Maj. Elliot Chodoff, the Israel Defense Forces’ deputy chief of staff for the northern population in the Home Front Command and a political and military analyst.

Middle East Political Analyst: Iran Deal Has ‘Hurt America’s Image as a Superpower’ Town Hall

At the American Israel Public Affairs Committee earlier this month in Washington D.C., Vice President Joe Biden claimed Israel was “stronger and more secure today” thanks to the Obama administration. If the audience wasn’t so polite, they probably would have laughed in his face.

Middle East political analyst Elliot Chodoff took the Israel Collective to the Syrian border during our atypical tour of Israel last month. As visitors, we were alarmed by the bombs and artillery fire in the distance, but Chodoff just sighed and said “Welcome to my life.”