Alt-Left Women’s March Successful

Here’s a few captivating, somewhat humorous videos on the Alt-Left attack on DC by Social Justice Activists. Become familiar with the word Intersectionality (video) then protests, anarchy and civil unrest promoted by Progressives will start making sense. In fact you can agree with some of the grievances but there are parameters that keep the narratives pretty much on script. Lots of money behind this anger and some pretty creepy characters (not just Hollywood) have infiltrated their ranks. The Daily Mail .Com has the best layout covering an event that brought in over 500 thousand participants and pictures of celebrities. Here’s a spreadsheet on the Women’s March partners and funders.

More Than 50 Soros “Partners” Behind “Women’s March”

Predictably, the “grassroots” and “spontaneous” women’s march wasn’t so grassroots, after all. It may have started as such, but things changed rather quickly. Ultimately, more than 50 groups, PACs, and assorted organizations backed by billionaire agitator George Soros were deeply involved in the march.


This so-called “protest”, like the violent attacks orchestrated by the DisruptJ20 coalition on pro-Trump events such as Friday’s “DeploraBall” at the National Press Club, was not an organically generated demonstration.

Watch all of Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern’s reports from the Trump inauguration in Washington, D.C.

Why Those Who Wear ‘P***yhats’ Will Help Re-Elect Trump

According to The Hill, the pussyhats were meant as a comeback to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. This is intensely stupid. And it’s likely to help Trump in his quest for a second term.

Spokane had their share of protesters with different Social Justice fans proclaiming from 5 to 10 thousand participants. If one were to assume they were all from the city of Spokane which has a population of around 213,000 with 52% defined as women then the headline might “liberally” read “Approximately 105,000 Spokane Women Rebuffed Alt-Left Feminist Parade. Our country has 164,858,136 women and around 500,000 participants ranted in D.C.

54 pictures of Spokane’s March from the EWU “Easterner”.

The video below is insightful and might explain how Feminism has taken a turn towards the hard Alt-Left. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy these heroic Feminists.

Spokane had a good showing but if you listen to the interviews after hearing Elizabeth Warren, they sound pretty much like the same old fear narratives. Remember when the Left fawned over a messiah like Obama and ignored Clinton’s RAPE charges by very marginalized women? Meanwhile Yazidi and Christian girls in the Middle East and Africa have no where to march. But people also believe they were abducted by UFO’s.

Senator Patty Murray supported the Iran Nuclear Deal and now the Women’s March.