You Progressives Lost The Election, Move On-dot Org

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Why Trump won torments you Progressive Democrats. Your party is on life support. Socialism doesn’t work. Ask the Cubans. It’s time to grow up and get your grown children out of the basement.

Half the country was haunted to see Obama re-elected in 2012 and now the former jubilant half is very bitter by the 2016 election results.

No organized riots or mob street violence took place after the 2012 election and there were more than plenty of people really pissed off. That’s how politics work in America, it’s dirty. Progressives are as dirty as Hollywood. So is Trump and you lost. Big Time!

According to Bloomberg, Clinton and her super-PACs raised a total of $1.2 billion and she still lost. Even with support of the Liberal Press, now despised by 70% of the legal American voters.

 You can’t talk down to the working class. They will rebel. They don’t give a sh*# about Parties. 

Check out the Debt clock. Then ask yourself who could possibly vote for “any experienced” Politician? The ones who threw us in the ditch. Working class Americans recently ruined some government careers and hopefully future activist academics who could use a lay off. They’ve had to plug their noses and ears for almost two decades while watching their jobs leave the country. There’s something prideful about working with your hands that elitists don’t get. Making things, building stuff, driving a throaty sounding pick up truck, and earning some serious cash. They don’t want minimum wage no matter how high it’s set by powder puffs. They do not trust government. They don’t trust Progressives who college students quietly call Regressives.

Trump gets that. You don’t. You lost. Stop whining.

Hopefully he will be a great President. Time will tell.


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