Merry Christophobia and a Progressive New Year

This Christmas give the gift that keeps on giving, Christophobia. You might not hear about the metaphor at this year’s Interfaith Christmas Celebration or fundraiser because it’s imaginary, kind of like Santa Clause. It just doesn’t exist in the minds of “grown up” Progressives.

Christians, especially Bible believing followers of Christ in this country are Xenophobic and even if they weren’t defined as such and attended a BDS approved church (a holier connection) they might have to examine their privilege when dreaming of a White Christmas.

Christians in the Middle East and Africa are being slaughtered. So much for skin privilege and other unimportant issues in that part of the world. Just being born in a Christian family can get you killed these days. Geesh that sounds familiar to us Jews.

For American families this time of the year has traditionally been about celebrating the birth of a savior that makes families unite in gift giving and charity, “peace on earth, good will towards men“. Christianity is a peaceful religion that is terribly despised or misunderstood. Christianity was once violent towards Jews and the KKK uses a Christian Identity label to disguise it’s hatred. It’s kind of like Jail House religion. Many prisoners fake it to gain advantage.

Christianity has declined in America and is almost completely absent in our Millennial generation. The simple practice of loving others as you would yourself has mutated into Collectivism and Interfaith Movements.

Enjoy your Christmas and enjoy your loved ones and never be ashamed of your religion. Jesus was Jewish. May Jews and Christians unite to stand up against antisemitism and political correctness in 2017 of which both religions suffer. Merry Christmas!

 There is a Facebook page entitled United Jews and Christians of Spokane. Check them out. Sounds like a great idea especially with the anti – Israel social justice activists in Spokane.