Lt. Col. Allen West – Gonzaga Campus

Tough Gonzaga Young Republicans brought Lt. Col. Allen West to campus on November 3rd to quietly put the Spokane media on notice. This is big News! This is a courageous act in today’s America where many college campuses are caving to Political Correctness and indoctrinating instead of educating.

The video above starts at 7:47


 Lt. Col. Allen West visits Gonzaga to discuss “The Truth About Radical Islam” Gonzaga Bulletine

He said the U.S. is fighting Islamic totalitarianism or fascism, not terrorism because it is a tactic.
“We didn’t go to WWII to fight the blitzkrieg,” he said. “We have to stop defining this enemy in very narrow terms.”
West pointed to President Obama saying ISIS is not Islamic.
“Tell me what the I stands for,” he said.

The Gonzaga University talk went quite well compared to St. Louis University below. Universities are hot beds for Social Justice agendas and anti American, anti Israel activities.

Students walk out of veteran’s speech to protest his use of term ‘radical Islam’ The College Fix. Com

Last week an administrator at Saint Louis University told the conservative and Republican students organizing the talk that they were not allowed to use the words “radical Islam” on advertisements for the event, reported Young America’s Foundation, which sponsored the talk.

Gonzaga University hosted the dull boring “Senator Patty Murray vs. Chris Vance” debate. The media did not confront Murray on the Iran Nuclear deal. We know where Allen West stands. A real man, an honorable man visited the Gonzaga campus on November 3rd. We need Republicans to (in your face!) stand for America and Israel. This is not a time for Cowards. Many Proud Patriots helped this great event happen.

Millennials are starting to get it and the Republican Party needs to heed their voice as illustrated by the YAF and the young College Republicans. Eastern Washington Republican leadership needs to unite and stop being so timid. They will never get the mainstream press to endorse them and these brave students have much to teach these politcal geezers about social media and it’s power.

The Washington State University Republicans recently put up a Trump Wall to create intelligent dialogue and the Gonzaga Republicans after fighting the administration for attempting to silence Dinesh D’Souza have now successfully dealt another blow to local political correctness.

SPI will continue support these young voices. Gonzaga University College Republicans Facebook